The Victorian Government State Election 2010

By abspa1
  • John Brumby become Primer of Victoria

    John Brumby becomes Premier of Victoria after the resignation of Premier Steve Bracks.
  • Bronwyn Pike becomes Minister for Education

  • Opposition announces the resotration of balanced funding to Victorian Catholic Schools

  • The Victorian Government Announces it's education Blueprint

    The Government's Blueprint
    The Blueprint for Education and Early Childhood Development was announced by the Victorian Government in 2008. Which set out the Government's fiver-year agenda for learning and development.
    *please note the exact date of creation is not known, but it was announced in september 2008
  • Mary Bluett elected branch president of the victorian AEU

  • The Opposition anounces full funding for Officer Secondary School

  • 2010-2011 State Budget adds additional $469.5 million for Victoria’s education and early childhood system.

  • My Schools, My Needs Luanched by AEU

    The My Schools My needs porgram was set up by the Australian Education Union branch of Victoria.
  • Eleection Day