Windows - a timeline of Microsofts's OS.

  • Windows 1.0

    It used the MS-DOS Executive as its primary interface. It boot's programs from the command line, which also launches in the main window.
  • Windows 2.0

    It was the first Windows operating system that allowed you to "tile" open windows, then to minimise or maximise like in Windows 1.0
  • Windows 3.0

    It was the first Windows operating system to offer desktop backgrounds with quick-launch icons.
  • Windows NT 3.1

    The NT stands for new technology.
  • Windows 95

    In windows 95` the desktop bar was introuduced.It had open window buttons, a clock, a notification area & a srart button. Also the My computer & Recycle Bin got introuduced.
  • Windows NT 4.0

    It's basically the same thing as Windows 05 , but it focused more on the business market. It was able to close down applications that had stalled without the whole OS crashing.
  • Windows 98

    It was on sale for less than 12 months before a wide ranging update for the OS was issued. A major bug in this OS meant that the computer would shut itself down if left on for 50 days.
  • Windows 98SE

    Same thing as windows 98 , the SE stood for Second Edition. It fixed many bugs in the original.
  • Windows 2000

    It was also another business market windows that ended up on many home computers. It was made to replace windows NT 4.0 & windows 98 but microsoft changed its mind after the release of Windows 98SE.
  • Windows ME

    The ME stands for Millenium Edition. It was the successor to Windows 98 & aimed very much at home users. It was unstable so one magazine called it " Windows Mistake Edition "
  • Windows XP

    It was the successor to both Windows 2000 & Windows ME and offered home & professional versions. It suffered some problems , but it stayed as Microsoft's front-line OS product for the best part of six years. It had sold 400 million copies by October 2006.
  • Windows Vista

    It was probably the most derided of all Microsoft's operating system, though many company points to sale figures that show it to be the most popular versions of Windows to date.
  • Windows 7

    It launched on October 22 2009. It had features such as support for touchscreen devices and an easier home-networking set up. It also the fasted windows system out there.