Windows Timeline By: Hairat Ajose

  • Development of Windows 1.0

    the first Windows programming allows you to see what it is that you are typing while you type by use of the MS-DOS programming.
  • Windows 2.0 comes around

    the new Windows allows you to tile all open windows rather than minimizing.
  • Windows 3.0

    The Windows 3.0 offers many new imagery such as desktop backgrounds
  • Windows NT 3.1

    the New Technology Windows 3,1 was created with a 32-bit operating system
  • Windows 95

    in the Windows 95 the taskbar comes out and the recycling bin icon and the my computer icon come out
  • Windows NT 4.0

    this new version of windows was able to uninstall applications without the whole operating system failing
  • Windows 98

    this verioson was only avaliable for 12 months before updates for the opertaing system were released.
  • Windows 98SE

    this was the Windows 98 Second Edition. It fixed alot of bugs and improved the USB standard.
  • Windows in 2000

    this version was aimed at the business market. At the same time many households decided to use it. It was really meant to replace Windows NT 4.0 and the previous Windows 98.
  • Windows ME

    Windows Millenium Edition was made more for home users after windows 98. However it was tanked because it was very unstable.
  • Windows XP

    this version of Windows came after Windows 2000 and Windows ME. it came with both Home and Professional versions. it had some security issues however. At the same time it stayed very popular and sold over 400 million copies by 2006.
  • Windows Vista

    proves to be one of Microsofts most popular versions. main critic was that the UAC was shown to users.
  • New and Improved !

    Windows 7 will come out. Bringins many features for touchscreen users, and a very easy home-networking set-up. It will run very fast but will run on lower spec computers.