Journey, a time line of Afghanistan

  • Independece regained after failed British attempts of conquest

    Afghanistan regains its independence after its third war against British forces trying to bring the country under their control. Habibullah, the countries then Emir, was assassinated the same day. data came from
  • Nowroze

    The first day of spring
  • Jeshen

    The officialy sanctioned holiday that marks the anniversery of the gaining of independence
  • Treaty of Indipendence with Russia

    An Afghan - Russian treaty is established between Afghanistan and Russia for the goal of Independence in Afghanistan. data was provided by
  • Afghanistan becomes a monarchy

    Afghanistan becomes a monarchy and is ruled by Zahir Shah for four decades data was provided by
  • The U.S. admits Afghanistans

    The United States formaly recognizes Afghanistan as a country. data provided by
  • Afghanistan claims neutrality during WW2

    Zahir Shah proclaims Afghanistan to be neutral during the second world conflict. Data provided by
  • Afghanistans new prime minister

    General Mohammed Daud becomes the prime minister to Afghanistan. They turn to the Soviet Union for economic and military assistance. Introduces a number of social reforms, such as abolition of purdah. data provided by
  • Afghanistan calls friendships off with Pakistan

    Afghanistan decides to break their treaties with Pakistan due to territorial disputes between them. data provided by
  • The monarchy falls

    Zahir Shah was vacationing in Europe when the monarchy fell. The monarchy was destroyed by Daoud Khan and the PDPA, an Afghan Communist group. Daoud Khan declaires himself president of Afghanistan.
  • Daoud is overthrown

    General Daud is overthrown and killed in a coup by leftist People's Democratic Party. But party's Khalq and Parcham factions fall out, leading to purging or exile of most Parcham leaders. At the same time, conservative Islamic and ethnic leaders who objected to social changes begin armed revolt in countryside.
  • The new prime minister Noor Mohommad Taraki is killed

    the Afghan priminister is killed in a coup. data provided by
  • Mujahideen given anti-air missiles to shoot down soviet air force

    The Mujahideen are suplied with american stinger anti-air artillery in order to shoot down soviet helicopters
  • Afghanistan and all waring parties sign for peace

    Afghanistan, Russia, Pakistan, and the United States sign peace accords to end the conflict. But even with the peace accords, civil unrest still ensues.
  • Geneva treaties and fight becomes pandemic

    Peace accords signed in Geneva. Soviet Union defeated by Afghanistan, total withdrawal by the Soviets occurred on 15 February 1989. Experts agree that at least 40,000-50,000 Soviets lost their lives in action, besides the wounded, suicides, and murders. Mujahideen continue to fight against Najibullah's regime. May, Afghan guerrillas elect Sibhhatullah Mojadidi as head of their government-in-exile.
  • agreement reached between Mujahideen groups

    Mujahideen factions agree to a formation of a government with ethnic Tajik, Burhanuddin Rabbani, proclaimed as president. data provided by
  • taliban throw down the gauntlet

    Taliban militia introdiced headline Islam and banned women from work and education. data provided by