History of the PC Revolution ITGS 11 HL


    Altair was the first personal computer based on INTEL 8080. The computer had 256 bytes of memory.
  • Period: to

    The early years of the PC

  • APPLE 1

    APPLE 1
    Steve Wozniak designed teh apple 1. This Personal computer had a single board. It was sold at 500 $ at the Byte Shope. This is when his and Steve Jobs business started.
    200 PC's were already sold before apple 2 was introduced,
  • The TRS 80

    The TRS 80
    Tandy Radio Shack 80 was invented- first desktop computer at the price of $599. (video display, Z80 based microprocessor, cassette stroage, 4 kilobytes of memory) EASY TO UNDERSTAND MANUALS!
  • The Apple II

    The Apple II
    The apple II became a success because it was the first commercial success PC. It had very good colour graphics, keyboard, switching power supply and the costs ranged from about $1,298- $2,638
  • Atari

    Atari launches the Computer System Game Console. The first widely succesful video game system, Made to be able to connect to a home television set.
  • The Apple Macintosh debuts in 1984.

    It features a simple, graphical interface
  • Lisa 2 was introduced

    Lisa 2 was introduced
    The flop, Lisa 2, was released for $3945. This was a flop and from the mistakes in the Lisa 2, they developed and made the improved Macintosh
  • Microsoft Windows 1.0 ships

    Microsoft Windows 1.0 ships
    First version of Microsoft Windows is relaesed to the public
  • Microsoft Works Launched.

    Microsoft Works Launched.
    Windows, launches microsoft works, with powerpoint, word and excel.
  • Steve Jobs Unveiled NeXT

    Steve Jobs Unveiled NeXT
    Apple cofounder Steve Jobs, who left Apple to form his own company, unveiled the NeXT. The computer he created failed but was recognized as an important innovation.
  • Internet Society Formed

    Internet Society Formed
    On 6 August 1991, CERN, a pan European organization for particle research, publicized the new World Wide Web project
  • World Wide Web Release

    World Wide Web Release
    the world wide web is released in this year and is made availible on PC's.
  • Intel releases the P5-based Pentium processor

    Intel releases the P5-based Pentium processor
    The lawsuit was filed in 1988 and lasted four years; the decision was affirmed on appeal in 1994
  • MS-DOS 6.0.

    MS-DOS 6.0.
    The new MicroSoft Disk Operating System was released, this new version was quite sucessful.
  • Sony releases its first PlayStation

    Sony releases its first PlayStation
    Playstation 1 Released!
  • E-mail is the new post

    E-mail is the new post
    E-mail delivers more post than the US post officies. devlieriing to around 6,642,000
  • Hotmail was founded

    Hotmail was founded
    It was launched on independence day to represent freedom
  • Grand Theft Auto 1 was released

    Grand Theft Auto 1 was released
    It revolutionized the gaming branche and set computers to a standard gaming device
  • Apple releases the PowerMac G4.

     Apple releases the PowerMac G4.
    Apple claimed it to be the first personal computer to be capable of over one billion floating-point operations per second.
  • Sony releases the PlayStation 2.

    Sony releases the PlayStation 2.
    The playstation 2 was the capital of sony and became a huge success being the top selling console for over 6 years.
  • Intel releases the Pentium 4.

    Intel releases the Pentium 4.
    The new processor became standard processor for any laptop and computer.
  • The first iPod was launched

    The first iPod was launched
    everyone knows it!
  • Windows-compatible iPod

    Windows-compatible iPod
    Apple introduced windows-compatible iPod and iTunes for windows on July 23, 2002,
  • Google earth

    Google earth
    The earth globe software, was releasted in 2005.
  • Intel Mac

    Intel Mac
    Intel-based Mac (Mac PC using Intel Core for its CPU, such as MacBook and iMac) were released in January 2006.
  • iPone

    Apple introduced the first iPhone on January 9, 2007.
  • Windows Vista

    Windows Vista
    The day windows Vista was released. It took five years and 600 million dollers to create it.
  • the 2007 Microsoft Office system

    the 2007 Microsoft Office system
    The second newest model of the Microsoft was released on the day.
  • Google Street View

    Google Street View
    The google launched the new survice, street view. you can see the view of the street by putting an icon on the google map. The photoes are taken by a car with 360 degrees camera on top.
  • Windows 7

    Windows 7
    Windows 7 was released this day.
  • iPad

    iPad was released in April 2010, and 30 thousands of them were sold a day,
  • Microsoft 2010

    Microsoft 2010
    The newest model was released on April 15th.