Historical Arguement

  • Period: to

    Historical Arguement

  • treaty is passed

    treaty is passed
    A treaty is passed but colonist dont obey it
  • Boston Massacare

    Boston Massacare
    A huge conflict broke out between British troops and colonist (rebels)
  • Birth of Thomas Jefferson

    Birth of Thomas Jefferson
  • Period: to

    7 Year War

    Battle between Britain and France along with the Indians
  • Proclamation act

    British wouldnt let colonist live beyond the Appalachian Mountains
  • Sugar Act

    Tax on sugar to pay for debt!
  • Townshed Revenue act passed

    Revenue at was by the government
  • Townshed act

    Townshed act
    the townshed act was withdrawn
  • Boston Tea Party

    Boston Tea Party
  • article ppublished of tea party

    An article was published sayying that the rebels were dreese as mohawk indians
  • 1st quartering act

    Quartering act was passed to increase boundaries
  • Representative meeting

    Representatives from all states meet except for Georgia!
  • March to massachuesets

    March to massachuesets
    some 700 British troops marched into Massachuesets to loot every building for ammunition
  • King withdrew his protection

    King withdrew his protection
    The kind temorarily withdrew his protection to hold a meeting
  • Richard Henry Lee

    Richard Henry Lee
    inroduced a resolution for the whole rebel problem
  • Independence??

    It seems that fighting is the only way to get independence
  • Thomas Jefferson's Death

    Thomas Jefferson's Death
    He died due to old age.
  • Death of Henry Lee

    Henry Lee dies to unknown causes....