Afghanistan History

By jp93
  • Afghanistan is founded

    In 1747, Ahmad Shah Durrani, the founder of what is known today as Afghanistan, established his rule.
  • Two Anglo-Afghan Wars

    After a difficult advance under harassment from tribal guerillas, the city of kandaharis captured
  • Malalai

    A woman from the small village of Khig, named Malalai, played a major role in the battle of Maiwand during the second Anglo-Afghan war.
  • Afganistan gains independence

    Afganistan gained independence from British occupying forces. This period of relative stability ended in 1973 when King Zahir Shah was overthrown while away in Europe.
  • The Treaty of Rawalpindi

    Afghanistan signed , Which ended the Third Anglo-Afghan War and marks Afganistan's offical date of independence.
  • Zahir Shan

    Amanullah's nephew Mohammad Zahir Shan, the last king of Afghanistan, began a 40 year reign
  • Female Secondary School

    First secondary female school was established in Kabul.
  • DOAW

    The Democratic Organization of Afghan Women (DOAW) was formed. DOAW worked against illiteracy, forced marriages and bride prices.
  • The 1st Miss Afghanistan

    Zohra Yusuf Daoud was crowned as the first Miss Afghanistan. There was no swimsuit competition, however, there was an evening gown competition.
  • Decree is passed

    Compulsory education for girls. Bride price was abolished. Minimum legal age for marriage for girls was set at 16.
  • Khatol Mohammadzai

    Khatol Mohammadzai became Afghanistan's first woman paratrooper. She later becomes a General in the Afghan National Army.
  • The Soviets withdraw

    The Soviets withdrew from Afghanistan in defeat and disgrace. this was a great & consequential victory for Afghan fighters, achieved w/ assistance from the United States
  • Civil War and the Taliban

    Afghanistan descended into a civil war that further ravaged the economy
  • Taliban advances on Kabul

    The Taliban advanced on Kabul, squeezing Hekmatyar between their forces & the forces Defense Minister Masood
  • Air Strikes

    The US border launched air strikes against training camps near the Pakistan border.
  • Taliban take control

    The Taliban took control of the predominantly Hazara town of Bamian west of Kabul
  • The Tashkent Declaration

    The Six Plus Two contact group issued the "Tashkent Declaration" which called on all parties to resolve the conflict thorugh peaceful political negoiation
  • United States government declared political and economical sanction against the Taliban

    the United States government declared political and economical sanction against the Taliban regime in Afghanistan because of holding and supporting Saudi billionaire Ben Laden.
  • Osma bin Laden

    Taliban offer talks between Afghanistan and the US Government including the future of Osma bin Laden
  • Taloqan is captured

    The Taliban captured Taloqan
  • Taliban become a sub army

    The Taliban became a sub army of Osama Bin Laden who began to pay the leaders of the Taliban and directly influenced the Taliban movement.
  • The Taliban dynamites the Buddhas

    The Taliban dynamited the Buddhas of Bamiyan giant statues, greatworks of religion and art built in the 6th century
  • Masood's regain territory

    Masood's forces had regained territory to the north & east of Taloqan but remained well outside the city itself.
  • Al Qaeda Bombers

    Two Al Qaeda suicide bombers disguised as Arab reporters seeking to interview Ahmad Shan Masood with hidden bomb in a video camera and around their waist
  • The Afghanistan Copmpact

    The Afghanistan Copmpact, went into effect to set goals for international assistance in economic development.