Afghanistan: The past 100 Years

  • Habibullah's Reign

    Abdur Rahman dies, his son Habibullah succeeds him.
  • Convention of St. Petersburg

    Russia and Great Britain sign the convention of St. Petersburg, saying that Afghanistan is no longer under their influence.
  • Mahmud Tarzi

    Mahmud Tarzi brought modern journalism to Afghanistan & created many newspapers
  • The Reform King

    Habibullah is killed, and son Amanullah takes over hte throne. He will become known as the "Reform King."
  • Third Anglo War

    in this war, the British are defeated again, & Afghanistan gain control.
  • Padshah

    Amanullah Khan changes his title from Amir to Padshah (King).
  • Overthrown

    Amanullah Khan is overthrown by Habibullah Kalakan
  • US recgonized Afghanistan

    America recognizes Afghanistan formally.
  • First Bank

    Da Afghanistan Bank (State Bank of Afghanistan) is created.
  • WW2

    Zahir Shah proclaims Afghanistan as neutral during WW2
  • Durand Treaty

    Afghanistan's Parliament denounces the Durand Treaty and refuses to recognize the Durand line as a legal boundary between Pakistan and Afghanistan.
  • Prince Mohammad Daoud

    Prince Mohammad Daoud becomes Prime Minister.
  • US Refusal

    The United States refuses to allow Afghanistan to buy military equipment from us.
  • Daoud resigns

    Daoud steps down from his position running Afghanistan because of tension.
  • Constitution

    The Constition changes Afghanistan into a monarchy & excludes members of the royal family from having a political position.
  • Afghan Communist Party

    The Afghan Communist Party was formed secretly, by Babrak Karmal.
  • Daoud Returns

    Daoud comes back into power, as prime minister.
  • Women's Rights

    Daoud's new constitution instituted women's rights.
  • New Constitution

    The new constition makes Daoud the President of Afghanistan
  • Violent Revolution

    In response to Daoud's promotion as President, violence spread throughout the country
  • Flag

    The Afghan flag was changed again.
  • Department of Islsmic Affairs

    The Department of Islamic Affairs is created in order to win over religious leaders gave funds to takes care of their mosques.
  • Mujahideen

    The Mujahideen take Kabul and liberate Afghanistan. The Mujahideen is the Afghan Guerilla.
  • Taliban

    The Taliban seizes control over Afghanistan.
  • Women's Oppression

    The Taliban beigns oppressin women's rights. They have to be fully veiled, stay home, and never go out alone.
  • Fall Of Taliban

    The Talban began losing power & since then there has been more freedom religiously for citizens,
  • 2001 Bonn Agreement

    The 2001 Bonn Agreement gave Afghans religious freedom to non-Muslims, along with the 1964 constitution.