Afghanistan Timeline

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    Afghanistan Timeline

  • Amir of Afghanistan

    Amir of Afghanistan
  • Assination

    Habibullah Khan assassinated while on a hunting trip at Laghman Province . His son Amanullah Khan declares himself king.
  • War

  • ...Economic Relations

    The Soviet economic relations with Afghanistan originated in the Treaty of Friendship between the RSFSR and Afghanistan of February 28, 1921, which has remained in effect up to the present. Prior to World War II, trade between the two countries was conducted on the basis of contracts concluded. by "the Soviet All-Union Alliance of Commerce with Afghanistan," "Sovaf- gantorg" (later " Vostokintorg"), and the Afghanistan National Bank.
  • overthrown

    Amanullah Khan is overthrown by Habibullah Kalakani.
  • modernize afghanistan

    Nadir Khan abolishes reforms set forth by Amanullah Khan to modernize Afghanistan.
  • new reign

  • resignation

    Daud Khan resigns in 1963 because of tense relations with Pakistan (the border is closed from 1961 until just after his resignation). His departure prompts Zahir Shah to attempt a major constitutional reform.
  • return to power

    In 1973 Daud Khan returns to power with military support in an almost bloodless coup. Zahir Shah goes into exile in Europe.
  • capture of Kabul

    It was in 1996, as they captured Kabul, that much of the outside world first reacted in dismay to the Taleban's extreme Islamic policies, especially towards the place of women in society.
  • Attack

    Washington blamed Bin Laden for masterminding the suicide attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York and the Pentagon in Washington on 11 September 2001.
  • Deal

    On 5 December 2001 Afghan groups agreed a deal in Bonn for an interim government, at the head of which Pashtun royalist Hamid Karzai was then sworn in.
  • election

    In June 2002 a loya jirga, or grand council, elected Mr Karzai as interim head of state
  • survival

    In September, 2002, Mr Karzai survived an assassination attempt in Kandahar blamed on the Taleban.