Afghanistan Time line

By ajtaken
  • Period: to

    خط الزمن

  • A joint British and Afghan

    1 Jul 1910 A joint British and Afghan commission appointed to settle tribal disputes arising out of raids and counter-raids on each side of the British-Afghan border
  • Amanullah Kahn the Leader

    Lenin Called Amanullah Khan the Leader of Only Independent Islamic State and encouraged him to rally enslaved Muslims around the world for independence.
  • Afghan - Soviet Treaty of Friendship.

    1 Feb 1921 Afghan - Soviet Treaty of Friendship.
  • First USSR Invasion

    First USSR invasion: Russian Annexed Utra Tangi Island on the Amu River
  • Rebellion against King Amanaulla

    Rebellion against King Amanaulla and his western ways forced him out of Kabul and into Qandahar in his Rolls Royce.
  • Soviet army invades Afghanistan

    Soviet army invaded Afghanistan in a campaign to capture Ibrahim Beg a Uzbek rebel fining against the soviets in Uzbekistan.
  • Pashtuns of Pakistan claimed their independence

    Pashtuns of Pakistan claimed their independence and accepted neither Afghanistan nor Pakistan as their legitimate government. 100 year contract of Pashtunistan similar to Hong Kong had ended with the transfer of land from British to Afghanistan.
  • PDPA splits in 2 factions

    PDPA splits in 2 factions: Khalq headed by Taraki and Parcham by Babrak Karmal a pro soviet communist leader with strong ties to USSR embassy in Kabul.
  • Zahir Shah

    While Zahir Shah is taking a mud bath at Ischia, Italy he hears the news that Prince Daud has organized a successful coup against the monarchy.
  • Prince Daud makes a radio announcement

    Prince Daud makes a radio announcement proclaiming Afghanistan a republic and himself as the first President of the Republic of Afghanistan.
  • RAWA

    RAWA, the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan, was established in Kabul, Afghanistan, in 1977 as an independent political/social organization of Afghan women fighting for human rights and for social justice in Afghanistan.
  • April 27

    April 27 Coup began by tanks protecting the Presidential Palace turned against President Daud and Air Force Began Bombing the Palace by the order of Colonel Qader
  • April 28

    April 28 President Daud and all members of his family including grandchildren and close family aids were killed
  • world trade center

    September 11 World Trade center and Pentagon are attacked by hijacked planes.