Lincoln's life DP

  • Lincoln's birth

    lived in a log cabin in kentucky
  • moved to indiana

  • thomas wanted to pull steaks again

  • Milk Sickness

    Nancy (Lincoln's mom) died from the milk sickness disease along with her aunt and uncle
  • lincoln runs for legislature

    he ran for a second times
  • lincoln married

    marriage license of lincoln and his lovely mary todd
  • US and mexican war

    lincoln was in congress during the war
  • lincoln elected

    elected to the nomination representatives
  • the challenge

    lincoln challenges douglas to a series of public debate
  • war begins

  • mcdowell marches to virginia

  • victory

    the day after the battle at gettysburg
  • emancipation proclamation

    emancipation proclamation was given
  • american classic

    the war was remembered as the most deadliest fight of all time
  • abraham lincolns step mother

  • the war ends

    the war ended
  • lincolns death

    lincoln was shot dead he was murdered