Diamond in the Rough

By samii
  • Beginning of modern Afghanistan

    In 1747 the beginning of modern Afghanistan came into play when the Afgans in Nadir Shah's army return home.
  • Kabul is taken

    Kabul is taken by a tribe called the Barakzai in 1818 lead by Dost Mohammad, a tribal chieftain.
  • Doust Mohammad is a prisoner

    By the end of 1840, Doust Mohammad is a prisoner of the British and his family as well as himself are sent to exile into India.
  • Afghanistan becomes an independent nation

    (20th century) Although many other great empires saw it ideal to be an independent nation, Afghanistan was not one until the 20th century.
  • Ahmad Shah Durrani

    Ahmad Shah Durrani founded a monarchy in 1747 that ruled until 1973.
  • King is overthrown

    When the king was overthrown in 1973 while getting an eye operation all of Afghanistan became chaos and conflict.
  • April Revolution

    The April Revolution was when former President Daoud and his family were all shot dead and the countrys first Marxist government was lead by Nur Mohammad Taraki. This brought an end of 200 years of rule by the Zahir Shah and Mohammad Daoud families.
  • Taraki was executed

    In October of 1979, Taraki was secretely executed and Amin became President.
  • Soviet Red Army invades

    Amin was assassinated and the Soviet Red Army swept into Afghanistan.
  • Final withdrawl of the Soviet Red Army

    In 1989 the final withdrawl of the Soviet Red Army occured and this was a disaster for Afghanistan.
  • The falling of Karmal

    After the Red Soviet Armys departure, the leader Karmal couldnt hang on and fell as the United Nations were trying to arrange a peaceful transfer of power.
  • fall of the communist regime

    The communist regime fell in 1992.
  • Taleban arrives

    By the end of 1994 the Taleban arrived in the city of Kandahar and their inital appeal was to remove mujahideen groups.
  • Taleban captures Kabul

    In 1996, the Taleban manages to capture Kabul and this is the first time the outside world acklowledges how badly the Taleban are treating people and especially women.
  • U.S. air strikes

    In August 1998, the United States launched air strikes against reputed training camps near the Pakistan border.
  • Third assult on Maraz-i-Sharif

    This time the Taliban takes over the city immediatly and massacres at least 2,000 people, most of them being Hazaras.
  • Ahmad Shah Mashood dies

    Ahmad Shah Mashood died in 2001 because of two suicide bombers going to him asking for an interview while undercover.