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  • Treaty of Rawalpindi

    The British warred over controlling the Afghan foreign affairs. The war led to independence from Britain of the control of foreign affair control.
  • Mohammad Zahir Shah takes Throne

    After Nadir Khan was assasinated by a Kabul student, his son, Zahir took his throne seat
  • Pakistan and Afghanistan Disagreements

    The countries disputed over determining the Pashtun and Baluch tribes location between the two countries frontier.
  • Sardar Mohammad Daoud serves as Prime Minister

    Sardar Mohammad Daoud, started his term for Prime Minister.
  • The nature of finding for Afghans

    With help from the Soviets, Afghans had their first oil find.
  • Young men being trained in USSR

    Young men were being trained to be in the USSR army.
  • Prime Minister Daoud dismissal

    Sadar Mohammad Daoud was dismissed due to supporting the Pakistan-Afghanistan border height dispute.
  • Constitution Adopted

    Constitution was adopted that had led all their aims and activities to be carried by Constitutional law. 1964 constitution proclaims Islam the "sacred religion of Afghanistan".
  • Elections In Existence

    Elections had started to turn around the government.
  • General Elections take place

    The First General Elections taken place that came from the claims of their Constitution.
  • New Constitution was Adopted

    A New Constitution was adopted and Prime Minister Daoud could not be respected ,
  • Nuristan Region Revolt

    The Nuristan Region revolt spreaded throughout the whole country.
  • Taraki Executed Secretly

    Hafizullah Amin, prime minister, was executed secretly to Amin request for new president.
  • State of Industrial Production

    70% of production came from Afghan-Soviet Projects.
  • Afghanistan's Industrial State

    Afghanistan produced large amounts of natural gas for deposits and benefits of their country.
  • Poor side of Afghanistan

    6 million Afghani people were refugees.
  • Soviets withdrew from Afghanistan

    Soviets lost wirh defeat and disgrace.
  • United Nations trys to end with peace

    The United Nations was trying to arrange a peaceful transfer of power after the Red Army departure.
  • Taliban invaded

    Taliban invaded
    Taliban invaded the first part of Afghanistan in the eastern, Kandahar.
  • Taliban on strategic massive bomb plan

    Taliban fighter planes bombed Taloqan in Afghanistan.
  • U.N Steps in Action

    U.N. imposed sanctions on the Taliban for controlling air control stations.
  • Afghanistan Compact

    The Compact help set goals to reunite their country back to customs and restore it from it's bad past experiences.
  • Taliban Hideouts

    The Taliban regulates safe havens to expand its control in the country.
  • New Year Started

    The Afghanistan starts on March 21, which is day for family and friends to get together.
  • 11 September 2001

    Bin Laden was blamed for masterminding the suicide attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York from that led the Taliban.