timeline 1800-1809

  • new U.S. capital

    washington D.C. becomes the new U.S. capital
  • thomas jefferson becomes the president

    thomas jefferson takes the oath and becomes the 3rd president
  • library of congress

    the congress passes a law saying there has to be a library in the us capital, later its called the library of congress.
  • ohio is established

    ohio becomes part of the U.S.
  • louisiana purchase

    thomas jefferson sent lewis and clark to spend 10 million dollars on land but instead they spend 15 million on the louisiana purchase because it has more land.
  • lewis and clark expedition

    thomas jefferson sends lewis and clark to travel up the missouri river to see if it goes to the pacific ocean and to get information on the land on the other side of the river.
  • aaron burr killed alexander hamilton

    aaron burr and alexander hamilton have a duel because alexander hamilton tells people about aaron burrs plans. so burr killed hamilton.
  • michigan territory is established

    michigan territory becomes part of the US
  • lewis and clark find the mouth of the columbia river

    lewis and clark get to the mouth of the columbia during there expedition.
  • lewis and clark make it back from thier expedition

    lewis and clark make it back from traveling the missouri river with alot if information but found that the river didnt end in the pacific ocean like they hoped
  • the slave trade

    congress passes a law that makes importing slaves into the us illegal
  • embargo act

    law passed to stop trade between the us and forgien places
  • illinois territory is established

    the illinois territory becomes part of the us
  • the non-intercourse act

    a law passed so america and europe doesnt trade directly, witch ends the embargo act.
  • james madison becomes president

    james madison takes oath and becomes the 4th president