Ch. 17 By Philip C. in 1st Period

  • Erat undecimā horā.

    It was the eleventh hour.
  • Tandem Eucleides, “Videsne illud aedificium, domine?” inquit.

    Finally Eucleides asks, "Do you see that building master?"
  • Fortasse caupō aliōs equōs habet.

    Perhaps the innkeeper has other horses.
  • “Cūr timēs, mea domina?”

    "Why are you afraid, my master?"
  • Ille caupō est amicus meus.

    This innkeeper is my friend.
  • "Senatores Romanī in cauponīs nōn pernoctant.”

    Roman Senators do not stay at inns.
  • Nulla vehicula apparent quod advesperascit.

    No vehicles appear because it is dark.
  • Est nullum auxilium.

    There is no help.
  • Necesse est igitur ad cauponam ire.

    For this reason it is necessary to travel to the inn.
  • Itaque, dum Eucleides Cornelios ad cauponam dūcēbat, raedarius solus in viā manebat; raedam et equos custodiebat.

    Therefore, while Eucleides and Cornelius lead to the inn, the coachman is the only one who stays in the road; the horse and carriage were guarding.