Max's AP us history timeline

By mxruble
  • Period: Sep 24, 1492 to

    us hist

  • Oct 4, 1499

    Ponce de León of Spain lands in Florida.

  • jamestown

    jamestown was founded with many sailors killed by disease and sickness
  • mayflower lands

    the mayflower lands in cape cod massachsetts with 100 colonist
  • Mayflower compact

    establishes a local from of government for the colonist
  • rodger williams

    founds providence and rhode island
  • Anne hutchenson

    is banished from Mass. for "questioning authority"
  • printing press

    the frist colonial prining press is made
  • Slavery

    slavery is now legal in new england
  • Trade and navigation act

    Required the use of only english ships for trade
  • slavery abolished

    Rhode Island enacts the first law in the colonies declaring slavery illegal
  • English bill of right

  • benjamin franklin was born

  • GEorge washington

    george washiongton was born
  • Quartering acts

    when british soldiers were quatering in rsidents homes
  • Stamp act

  • Declaritory act

    Part of eliminateing the stamp act
  • Townsend acts

    to raise money for governors and royal officers
  • Boston massacre

    a group of agitated british soldiers opened fire into a group of colonist killing 5 colonist
  • Gaspee afair

    burned down a huge ship
  • Tea act

    passed by the parliment designed to prop up the east india company
  • Boston Tea Party

    A group of colonist threw tea off a ship into the harbor
  • contenental congress

    first contenental congress was formed
  • olie branch petition

    to avoid full blown war will Britain
  • Thomase payne

    thomas payne wrote and published common sense
  • British leave boston

    they leave boston for good
  • declaration of independance

    The first official and legal independance from Britain
  • Article of confederation ratified

    acted as the first true universal form of government for the colonies
  • Peace of paris

    the peace that officily ends the revolutuionary war
  • Shay's Rebellion

    A rebellion of farmers in debt against the government
  • XYZ affair

    streigned relations with france
  • capital

    the capital moved from philidelphia to washington
  • thomas jefferson

    thomas jefferson the 3rd us president
  • marbary v. madison

    a court case that created the ability to accuse congress as unconstitutional
  • lousiana purchase

  • lewis and clark

    lewis and clark set out
  • james madison

    becomes 4th president
  • war of 1812

    a war with britain over marritime ships that really had nothing come out of it
  • james madison

    serves his 2nd term
  • star spangled banner

    becomes natonal anthem
  • treaty of ghent

    ends the war of 1812
  • new orleans

    win battle over new orleans
  • missour compromise

    an attempt to balnce slave and non slave states
  • monroe doctrine

    said basicly no more colonization
  • gibbons vs. odgen

    allowed congress to regulate interstate trade