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Life of Calvin Wilson Sr.

  • Birthdate

    On this day Calvin Wilson was brought into the world
  • John F. Kennendy Assasination

    John F. Kennendy Assasination
    JFK was shot and killed by Sirhan in Los Angeles, California. Kennedy's death led to the establishment of United States Secret Service for Presidential candidates.
  • The First Earth Day

    The First Earth Day
    The first Earth Day celebration is held to call attention to the dangers pollutants are posing to the environment.
  • Kent State University Shooting

    Kent State University Shooting
    On May 4, l970 members of the Ohio National Guard fired into a crowd of Kent State University demonstrators, killing four and wounding nine Kent State students.
  • President Nixon Resigns

    Nixon resigned the presidency and avoided the likely prospect of losing the impeachment vote in the full House and a subsequent trial in the Senate. He thus became the only U.S. President ever to resign.
  • The First Cell Phone

    The First Cell Phone
    Dr Martin Cooper, New york a former general manager for the systems division at Motorola, is the inventor of the first portable handset moblie phone.
  • Enters the U.S. Marine Corp

    He enters the U.S. Marine Corp and will later travel to Hawaii and Saudi Arabia during the Persian Gulf War
  • He becomes a Married Man

    He becomes a Married Man
    On this day Calvin Wilson takes the hand of Lisa Bowden to be his wedded wife.
  • He Becomes a Father for the First time

    On this Calvin Wilson becomes Calvin Sr. as he and Lisa bring lil Calvin Wilson Jr. into this world.
  • Graduate from College

    In May of 1997 Calvin Wilson Sr. graduates from Delaware Technical to get his Associate Degree.