The Crucible

  • Mary Warren Accuses Proctor

    Mary Warren says that proctor told her "ill murder you" "if my wife hangs, We must go overthrow the court!"
  • John Proctor was hanged

    This day in history was when john proctor hanged for witchcraft, he didnt sign the confession to clear his name.
  • John Proctor accuses Abigail

    John accuses abigail of being a whore and tells about their affair
  • Elizabeth tells Danforth

    Elizabeth tells danforth that john didnt commit the crime of lechery
  • Elizabeth is accused

    Elizabeth is accused and is taken into jail.
  • Betty wakes up

    betty wakes up and hale begins to questithe ladies
  • Elizabeth tells John to accuse Abigail

    They aruge about the fact john sorta kinda likes abigail
  • Hale arrives to investigate

  • The Girls Dance

    abigail and her posse dance in the forest
  • John and abigail do the "nasty" in the barn