Music History

  • 455

    The Sack of Rome by Vandals

    The Sack of Rome by Vandals
    Genseric sacks rome and takes much of its traesure and even taking the emperors wife and daughter hostage.
  • Sep 7, 732

    Battle of Tours

    Battle of Tours
    Charles Martel defeats spanish muslims invasions
  • Sep 9, 1030

    Guido de aurezzo

    Guido de aurezzo
    A monk named Guido de Aurezzo invents a new method of singing
  • Sep 28, 1066

    Norman's Conquest

    Norman's Conquest
    The invasion of the Kingdom of England starts with the troops of William the Conqueror and the Duke of Normadity
  • Sep 9, 1150

    O Successors

    O Successors
    Hildegard of Bilgen creates the song and chant of O Successors and builds a convent
  • Sep 9, 1258


    The spread of Geisslerlieder with the flaggeants spread with these people whipping themeselves with instruments.
  • Sep 9, 1310

    Ars Nova

    Ars Nova
    Secular music acquired polyphonic sophistication.
  • Sep 9, 1348

    Black death

    Black death
    The plague arrives and starts to kill people.
  • Sep 23, 1456

    Gutenburg Bible

    Gutenburg Bible
    First major book printed with a movable printing press
  • Sep 23, 1470

    Printing press

    Printing press
    The printing press makes music printable and more quicker to copy unlike being copied by hand
  • Sep 23, 1475

    Ave Maria...Virgo Serena

    Ave Maria...Virgo Serena
    master of renaissance music Hosquin composes the ave maria for mass
  • Sep 15, 1486

    Oration on the Dignity of Man

    Oration on the Dignity of Man
    A famous public discourse pronounced in 1486 by Pico della Mirandola a philosopher. It has been the ''Manifesto of the Renaissance'' and a key text of Renaissance of humanism.
  • Sep 23, 1503

    Mona Lisa

    Mona Lisa
    Leonardo da Vinci creates the Mona Lisa
  • Sep 23, 1504

    Michaelangelo's David

    Michaelangelo's David
    Statue created by Michaelangelo representing David the Bilblical hero of the bible
  • Sep 23, 1563

    Pope Marcellus Mass

    Pope Marcellus Mass
    Giovanni composes the song pope marcellus mass
  • Oct 5, 1573

    Florentina Camerata

    Florentina Camerata
    The first meeting of the Florentina Camerata a group of musicians come together to discuss the arts.
  • Now Is The Month of Maying

    Now Is The Month of Maying
    This song is evented by Thomas Morely
  • Romeo and Juliet

    Romeo and Juliet
    Shakespere write the famous play known as Romeo and Juliet
  • early opera period

    early opera period
    The early opera period begins and will end 1650.
  • Monody

    Monody starts and will end in the 1700s. Monody is accompanied solo music
  • Hamlet

    Another play is created by Shakesphere known as Hamlet.
  • As Vesta Was Descending

    As Vesta Was Descending
    Thomas Weelkes creates the As Vesta Was Descending song
  • Jamestown

    Jamesstown is founded in 1607 by John Smith
  • Galileo's Theory

    Galileo's Theory
    Galileo theory of the earth revolving around the sun is confirm.
  • Basso Continuo

    Basso Continuo
    Basso Continou or also called the figured bass is created through combining keyboard with another bass instrument.
  • Withcraft Trials

    Withcraft Trials
    Witchcrafts trials happen in Salem Massachusetts.
  • Arcangelo Corelli

    Arcangelo Corelli
    Arcangelo Corelli becomes famous during the high Baroque period for harpischord
  • King James Bible

    King James Bible
    An english translation of the bible is made and named after King James
  • Glass harmonica

    Glass harmonica
    Benjamin Franklin fixes the glass harmonica
  • Johann Christian Bach

    Johann Christian Bach
    Johann finally performs in London
  • Waltz

    The Waltz becomes famous in Vienna
  • La Scala

    La Scala
    La Scal a major opera venue is created in Milan
  • The Marriage of Figaro

    The Marriage of Figaro
    Mozarts The Marriage of Figaro premieres i Vienna
  • Cosi Fan Tutti

    Cosi Fan Tutti
    Mozart Cosi Fan Tutti premiered in Vienna.
  • Violin Virtuoso

    Violin Virtuoso
    Niccolo Pagagini debuts as a violin virtuoso at the age of 11
  • Conversatory of music

    Conversatory of music
    The Paris Convesatory of music is founded
  • Symphony 1 in C major

    Symphony 1 in C major
    Beethoven symphony 1 in c major was first performed in Vienna
  • clara wieck schumann

    clara wieck schumann
    Clara the foremost classical female composer is born
  • charlemagnes rule

    charlemagnes rule
    Charlemagne is coronated king of rome
  • Battle of Tetry

    Battle of Tetry
    pepin's victory and his family take dominance over Francia
  • The Organum

    The Organum
    The early development of the organum an early form of counterpoint
  • The gregorian chant

    The gregorian chant
    Pope Gregory the great brings the chant to the west and named after him the gregorian chant