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  • Sep 2, 1534


    Protestants who wished to "purify" the angelican church of all catholic rituals and traditions .
  • Jamestown

    Location near one of the rivers along Chesapeake Bay for English settlemerz , naming it Jamestown in honor of thier king.
  • John Smith

    Catain , an adventurous explorer , mapmaker , and soldier . President of the council of soldiers in 608
  • Period: to

    john smith

    an adventurous explorer , mapmaker , and sodier
  • Identural servant

    An identural servant was bound for a period of years to the perso who paid his or her way to America.
  • Pilgrims

    Colony of plymoth , known as pilgrims had left England because of religious conflict.
  • Mercantilism

    Mercantilists held that a nation's power was a product of wealth , and a nation's wealth was to maintain a favorable balance of trade , that is , to export more than imported .
  • Bacons Rebeliion

    Around 1660 , tabacco prices tumbled , making it difficult for these people to earn enough money to start their own farms.
  • Glorious Revolution

    In 1688 the Protestant opposition staged a bloodless rebellion .
  • Great Awakening

    Series of religious revivals .
  • Enlightment

    Revolution in ideas that swept across Europe in the 1700s .
  • Proclamation of 1763

    Banning settlement west of the Appalachain Mountains .
  • Stamp Act

    A tax on printed matter of all kinds ; advertisement , diplomas , legal , documents , newspaper , and playing cards .
  • Sugar Act

    Imposed a duty , or import tax , on foreign sugar , molasses , and several other items entering Great Britain's American colonies .
  • Quartering Act

    New York's colonial refusal to provide money to quarter , or house and supply troops .
  • Townshend Act

    Laws placed import duties on such common items as tea , lead , glass , and dyes for paint .
  • Boston Massacre

    Incident in which British soldiers fired into a group of colonists gathered in front of a customs house , killing several people .
  • The Articles of Confederation

    The Articles authorized Congress to borrow and coin money , coduct foreighn affairs , set policy toward American Indians , and settle disputes in the states .
  • Boston Tea Party

    Protest against the Tea Act in which a group of colonists boarded British tea ships and dumped 342 chests of tea in Boston Harbor .
  • Period: to

    Thomas Paine

    Wrote pamplet Comon Sense
  • Thomas Paine

    wrote pamplet Common Sence
  • John Locke

    Enlightment thinker , English philospher who developed the theory of '' natural rigghts'' locke believed that all people were bron with the rights of life , liberty and property , and that the role of government was to protect the rights.
  • Antifederilist

    People who feared a powerful national government and opposed the Constitution as written .
  • Shays Rebellion

    Uprising of Massachusetts farmers led by Daniel Shays to protest taxes , debt , and forclosure .
  • Constitutional Convention

    Meeting in Philadelphia at which state delegates wrote the U.C Constitution .
  • Virginia Plan

    Plan drafted by James Madison at the Constitutional Convention that shifted power away from the states and toward the central government .
  • New Jersey Plan

    New Jersey Plan provided for a strong unicamera , or one house , legislature in which each state would have one vote .
  • Great Comprimise

    The Great Comprimise granted each state regardless of size ,an equal voice in the upper house .
  • Federalist

  • Bill Of Rights

    First 10 amendments to the U.S Constitution ; ratified in 1791 .