chapter.3 timeline

  • Sep 2, 1215

    Magna Carta

    Magna Carta
    A document protecting the people from any unfair act by the King.
  • The Virginia Plan

    The Virginia Plan
  • Petition of right

    Petition of right
    Demanded that the king no longer imprison or otherwise punish any person but by the lawful judgment of his peers or by the of the land.
  • The English Bill of Rights

    The English Bill of Rights
    Prohibited a standing army in peace-time, except with the consent of Parliament and required that all parliamentary elections be free.
  • Albany plan of Union

    Albany plan of Union
    The problems of colonial trade and the danger of attacks by the French and their Native American allies.
  • Boston Massacre

    Boston Massacre
    The killing of five colonists by British regulars.
  • Boston Tea Party

    Boston Tea Party
    The Tea Act is passed. Colonists respond with the Boston Tea Party.
  • First Continental Congress

    First Continental Congress
    Parliament passed yet another set of laws, this time to punish the colonists for the troubles in Boston and elsewhere.
  • Second Continental Congress

    Second Continental Congress
    British governmemt continued to refuse to compromise, let alone reverse, its colonial policies.
  • Declaration of Independence

    Declaration of Independence
    To prepare a proclamation of Independence.