was located in law, Peninsula near a marsh infested with desease carrying mosquitos.
  • Merchantilsm

    Restoration colonies was driven by the crown's faith in the economic policy
  • John Smith

    John Smith
    A adventurous explorer, mapmaker and soldier
  • John Locke

    English Philosopher of natural right,life,liberty, property.
  • Glorious Revolution

    Staged of the bloodless rebellion
  • Great Awakening

    Great Awakening
    The series religious
  • Enlightment

    Europe the revolution ideas
  • Boston Massacre

    Prompty denounce British aggresion dyes paint
  • Proclamination of 1763

    barring settlement west of Appalanchian Mountain.
  • Sugar Act

    The first step to increase revenue parliament in 1764
  • Stamp Act

    Parliament slapped another revenue law American colonies
  • Quartering Acts

    Prove money to quarter,or house, supply
  • Townshied Activity

    In 1796 Impact duties common tea,lead, glass
  • Boston Tea Party

    Many colonies cheered tears destruction
  • Thomas Paine

    emerged powerful supporters of independence.
  • Article of Confedelation

    A congressional committee presented its plan.
  • Shays Rebellion

    Was an armed uprising in central and western Massachussetts from 1786 to 1787.
  • Constitutional and convention

    to strenthen the goverment
  • New Jersey \Plan

    provide stong unicamera of legislature
  • Great comprosime

    Great comprosime
    granked each state redardless of site an essay voice in upper rounte
  • Virgina plan

    This proposal to rest structure the goverment was bold depature article of the conferation
  • Federalist/

    known as the federlist papers foundations for the later emergence of opposing political parties
  • bill of rights

    special rights guarantee U.S.citizens specific right, such as freedom of speech, religion, and the press.
  • Bacms Rebellion

    ended the leader's death from illness
  • Pilgrims

    They found a colony in plymouth they left england beacuase os religious conflict
  • Puritans

    They were most radical
  • Indentured servent

    Indentured servent
    was bound of a period of years to the person who paid his or her way to Amerian
  • 1st Industrial revolution

    shifting to machines production and period of dnamic changes in manufacturing.
  • southern economy

    base on the aguirculture
  • Northern economy

    rich middle, poor children of rich & poor did not work , poor children worked
  • Thomas jefferson

    Thomas jefferson
    main purpose was to expan the U.S the luisiana purchases that was from france it double the size of the country
  • slave system

    judical review he came up with the & ballance the branches with check& balances