american history A

  • William H.Taft elected president

    William H.Taft elected president
  • The first mexican revolution begins

  • American bankers and investors reorganize the nicoragvan financial structure abd being to mange its customs service

  • The U.S and five other nations offer the new chinese republic a huge loan

  • The U.S begin supplying weapons to huertas, atfer all the pressure that huertas perident had on him he eveually step down as the ruler of mexico

  • The out break of world was 1 germany declares wae on russia

  • Willson singns the jopnes act of 1916 witch promised the pillippens indpendence.

  • Germany declares that they will wage restricted warefore against all shipping vessels in the war zone

  • United States enters war against germany

  • spanish civil war

  • WWII commences in europe with germany invasion of poland

  • The americans grants the phillippens independence