Inventions Since 1953

By daphene
  • Period: to


  • McDonalds

    Ray Kroc starts the first McDonalds.
    Advantage: People can get food fast when they're hungry or on the road.
    Disadvantage: It's unhealthy, and causes obesity.
  • Computer Hard Disk

    Computer Hard Disk
    First computer hard disk is used.
    Advantage: Computers holds more memory.
    Disadvantage: People become dependant on computers.
  • Computer Modem

    Computer Modem
    Computer modem, and hula hoop is invented
    Advantage: Computers are easier to use
    Disadvantage: Hard to replace.
  • Barbie

    First Barbie doll and microchip.
    Advantage: Anyone an enjoy her.
    Disadvantage:Her accessories and clothing gets lost easily.
  • First Audio Cassette

    First Audio Cassette
    Advantage:You can stop them anywhere and start where you stopped.
    Disadvantage:Easily damaged.
  • First Handheld calculator

    First Handheld calculator
    Advantage: Math problems are solved quicker.
    Disadvantage: People become more dependant on calculators, instead of using their head.
  • First VCR

    First VCR
    Advantage: Money, Before the arrival of the DVD, all movies were on cassettes to convert these to DVDs will cost money, however with a VCR there is no need to Disadvantages of a Using a VCR:
     Technology: The highest quality of watching a film is on DVD players rather then a VCR
  • Laser Printer invented

    Laser Printer invented
    Advantage: Better quality pictures.
    Disadvantage: Cartridge may cost as much as the printer itself.
  • Cellphones.

    First cellphone to be invented.
    Advantage: Communication is a lot easier and quicker.
    Disadvantage: Negative health effects, and effect on environment.
  • First CD Rom

    First CD Rom
    Advantage: Easy to use, more memory than cassettes.
    Disadvantage: Hard to update, and sometimes expensive.
  • First 3-D video game.

    First 3-D video game.
    Advantage: Fun and more graphics.
    Disadvantage: Influence of kids.
  • World Wide Web

    World Wide Web
    Advantage: Sources and information easier to get. Communication, entertainment.
    Disadvantage: Influence on peoples life. Theft of personal information, effects on kids.
  • DVD

    Advantage: Better quality movies.
    Disadvantage: More expensive than VCRs. Inadequate testing of players, and incompatibilities.
  • Artificial Heart

    Artificial Heart
    Advantage: Saves lives.
    Disadvantage: Not all patients have a body size that allows the device to be implanted into the chest cavity, making small persons unable to receive the device.
  • Youtube

    Youtube is invented.
    Advantage: Entertainment, a good video sharing site.
    Disadvantage: People spending too much time on it.