Road Transport through the years

By kpen
  • Coaches

    Coaches drawn by horses were used for hundreds of years
  • Period: to

    Transport through time

  • Stage coaches

    Stage coaches
    Their journey was undertaken in stages bringing mail and passengers
  • Macmillan Bicycles

    Macmillan Bicycles
    One of the early bicycles with pedals
  • The penny farthing bicycle

    The penny farthing bicycle
    Given it's nickname because of its large and small wheel. The largest coin in use at the ime was the penny and the smallest was the farthing.
  • The first petrol driven car

    The first petrol driven car
    Designed by a German engineer, Karl Benz. It travelled at 13km/hr
  • The Model T

    The Model T
    Invented by Henry Ford. Made cars affordable to ordinary people
  • Motor Scooters

    Motor Scooters
    Popular in cities where there was a lot of traffic.
  • Solar Electric Cars

    Solar Electric Cars
    Kinder to the environment