The Matador Series

By matador
  • Zonn disappeared (500.000 BC)

    Actually 500,000 BC :: There is a software limit of 1901
    (Omega Cage)
  • Steve Perry is born

    Steve Perry is born
    Steve Perry is the author of the Matador series
    You can read Steve's blog <a href='' target="_blank">HERE</a>
  • Frist Colony ("extee") off Earth.

    This is an L5 colony.
  • Ferries Brahmapurtra and Prajatantri collide

    This incident killed 3800 people
  • Presidential Yacht Lincoln destroyed

    It was destroyed by a terrorist missle, killing 40 including U.S. President
  • Jet hovercraft ferry Mbutu sinks

    It sinks off the coast of Mozambique, approx 3000 die
  • Birth of Gil Sivart in Northern California

  • Heaven Star launched

    in context, slowboat colonization
  • Floating Casino City Shanghai sinks

    Kills nearly 12,000
  • Grande Negro resiplex collapses in Buenos Aires

    Gil Sivart is a working engineer, not very senior - say 27.
  • Gil Sivart moves to the Robert E. Lee wheelworld

  • Sivart starts studying "Glass Hands"

    Kaja-tangan martial art
  • Digital Effect.

    Revolution Grande, resulting in the United States of South America. Maria Passos Guerra becomes it's first president. Gil Sivart is 34
  • Assassination of President Maria Viera

  • Completion of statue of President Viera

    Also known as the Pao de Acucar Monument
  • Battle of Mwanamamke

    Took place in the Bibi Arusi System. Implies long-term settlements. And FTL
  • Benter Drive Invented

    Bender Drive... also known as FTL (Faster Than Light) travel
    The true name - Scates-Waller Augmented Reality Analog Instigation Construct
  • Expantion Begins

  • Lazlo Mourn is born

    Lazlo Mourn is born
    Mourn developed Sumuto (the 97 Steps)
    The first PEN of the Siblings of the Shoud
  • Ellis Mtumbo Shaw is born

    The first DIAMOND of The Siblings of the Shroud
  • Mourn witnesses a Flex fight

  • Sola Cayne is Born

    This is an approximate date. Aka: Agate
  • Morne leaves Farbis to become a Flex fighter

  • Luna Azul born

    Mourn's sister, Moon Born on Farbis
  • Expansion Ends

  • Musashi Flex

    Musashi Flex
    The events that happen during the novel "Musashi Flex"
  • Siblings of the Shroud

    The events of the novel "Sibligs of the Shroud" This novel is currently being written
  • Cosolidation Begins

  • The Siblings are peaceful for the next 150 years

    This implys that the Siblings weren't peaceful previously.
    (Machiavelli Interface)
  • The Siblings purchase Manus Island

    The Siblings purchase Manus Island
    Manus Island information on <a href='' target="_blank">Wikipedia</a> (Machiavelli Interface)
  • Omega Cage prison opens

  • Consolidation ends

  • Kookaburra Beacon begins burning

  • Mwili / Ferret / Pen is born

    Mwili / Ferret / Pen is born
    This is the approximate date of the birth of Moon and Spiral as well (They are all in thier early 80s in Albino Knife)
  • Sacred Glyph is found

    This is an artifact of Zonn
  • Juete is born

  • Marcus Jefferson Wall is born

  • Declination Begins

    "recent turn of the 24th century"
    (97th Step)
  • Rajeem Carlos is born (Adjusted date +39 years)

  • Khadaji is born

    Khadaji is born
    Is born on San Yubi
  • The 97th Step

    The 97th Step
    This date is where the novel begins
  • Period: to

    The 97th Step

    The events that took place during the novel "The 97th Step"
  • Sleel and Bork are born (Estimated)

    Sleel and Bork are born (Estimated)
  • Dirisha Zuri is born

    Dirisha Zuri is born
    Born on a planet also called Dirisha, city of Sawa Mii
    She is 30 years old in Matadora
  • Tazzimi is born

    She is the sister of Bork
  • Geneva is born

    Dirisha's lover (Matadora)
  • Khadaji joins the military

    At the age of 21
    "15 years education" - 12th grade + 3 years college
  • The Omega Cage

    The Omega Cage
    The events that occur during the novel "The Omega Cage"
  • The Slaughter at Maro

    Relampago of Khadaji at age 27
    Khadaji meets Pen (Mwili / Ferret)
  • The Man Who Never Missed

    The Man Who Never Missed
    This is where the story begins...
  • Period: to

    The Man Who Never Missed

    The events that happen during the novel "The Man Who Never Missed"
  • Khadaji meets Juete

    While pubtending
  • Veate is born

    Veate is born
    Veate is the daughter of Khadaji and Juete
  • Period: to

    Khadaji studies on Bocca

    He is a student for 4 years
    He is 32 years old +1 year after he states his age
  • Period: to

    Khadaji is "no-face"

    As "No-Face," a smuggler, he becomes rich
  • Dirisha leaves the planet Dirisha

  • Khadaji purchases the "Jade Flower"

    Located on Greaves
  • Khadaji fakes his death

  • Matadora - Part 1

    Matadora - Part 1
  • Rajeem Carlos is born

    Other family members have similar DOBs. Can't be reconciled
  • Matadora - Part 2

    Matadora - Part 2
    "It's been almost 5 years"
  • Pen unmasked himself as Kadaji

  • Kookaburra Beacon fails

  • Machiavelli Interface

    Machiavelli Interface
    The events that happen in the novel "Machiavelli Interface"
  • Fall of the Confed and rise of the Republic

  • Khadaji retires to Muto Kato

  • Albino Knife

    Albino Knife
    Carlos has been President of the Republic for 5 years.
    Bork and Veate meet
  • Black Steel

    Black Steel
    The events of the novel "Black Steel"
    Sleel meets Wu Kee
  • Brother Death

    Brother Death
    The events of the novel "Brother Death"
  • Saval Antoon is born

    He is the son of Bork and Veate