History of the iPod

By telaub
  • First iPod Released

    First iPod Released
    First model, with mechanical scroll wheel. 5Gb or 10Gb
  • Period: to

    iPod Timeline

  • Tim's First iPod

    I bought my first pod here
  • First iPod Mini Introduced

    First iPod Mini Introduced
    New smaller model, available in 5 colors. Introduced the "Click Wheel".
  • First iPod Shuffle

    First iPod Shuffle
    New entry-level model. Uses flash memory and has no screen.
  • First iPod Nano

    First iPod Nano
    Replaced Mini. Available in black or white and used flash memory. Color screen for picture viewing. 1 GB version released later.
  • First iPod Touch

    First iPod Touch
    Get iPod TouchFirst iPod with Wi-Fi and a Multi-Touch interface. Features Safari browser and wireless access to the iTunes Store and YouTube. 32 GB model later added. iPhone OS 2.0 and App Store access requires an upgrade fee.