Osama Bin Laden

By mcbrsh
  • Date of Birth

    Osama Bin Laden was born in Riyadah, Saudi Arabia. He was born in Rawalpindi Hospital. He was the first and only son of his mother but the 17th of his father. His parents divorced soon after he was born.
  • School

    In 1968 Osama Bin Laden started school he went to Al-Thager Model School in Jeddah. The school was founderd initially founded in the 1950s.He also went to secondary college and university in Jedda.
  • Father's Death

    Father's Death
    When Bin Laden was only 13 his father Mohammed Awad bin Laden died.He founded a construction company and with royal sponsership became a billionaire. His family was on of the richest in Saudi Arabia.
  • Marrige

    At the age of 17 Osama Bin Laden got married to his first cousin Najwa Ghanemwho was Syrian. This was his first wife. Osama Bin Laden had 4 wives Najwa was his first. They had 11 children together. He trained his own children to be suicide bombers and to kill their pets.
  • Public Administration degree

    Osama bin Laden got a public administration degree from King Abdul-Aziz university in Jeddah. This was a very important date for bin laden.
  • Training camps

    Training camps
    Osama Bin Laden built his own training camp named Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and began leading battles himself. Because he has now gone into hiding he can not continue his original camps so it is beleived that were ever he is he is starting more camps. This is a worry for America incase he some how gets into the country who knows what he could do?
  • Al-Qaeda

    In 1988 Osama Bin Laden started his terrorist group Al-Qaeda also known as the base. Bin Laden and his group have done many attacks such as the september 11 attacks in New York and the bombing of the U.S. Although Bin Laden is now in hiding the rest of Al-Qaeda are still thinking of ways they could hurt America.
  • September 11 attacks.

    September 11 attacks.
    Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda (his terrorist group) attacked New York on then11th of September 2001. He hi jacked a plane and flew it through the twin towers. He planed to go through the pentagon as well but a pasenger on the plane pushed him out of the way so he turned the plane and only damaged the pentagon a little bit. He was a hero until Osama Bin Laden killed him
  • Letter to America

    On the 24th of November 2002 Bin laden wrote a letter to America saying why Al-Qaeda bombed them. This is one of the threats he said to America on his letter: "America will never dream of living in peace unless we live it in Palestine. It is unfair that you enjoy a safe life and we don't.
  • Son was hospitalized

    Son was hospitalized
    Osama Bin Laden's fourth son, Omar Bin Laden, was hospitalized and for a mental disorder. They think that he either has bipolar disorder or schizophrenia disorder. They think that it is most likley to be bipolar disorder.