The Street of Silly Names

By wer3113
  • The Street of Silly Names

    Jayden tells the audience about his street and some of the people and familys that are in it. He then explains what the families are like and then talks about his family and about him.
  • Period: to

    Rhyming Boy

    These are some important details about the book, Rhyming Boy.
  • Meeting Saskia

    Jayden was in the Canteen line on the first day of school and meet Saskia who he thought had the darkest hair in the world. From that day on, Saskia and Jayden have been best friands.
  • Needing Mr Hardy's help

    This is when Jayden goes and asks his lonely neighboour, Mr Hardy to come with him the the father and son event that his school is happening.
  • The decision to find his dad

    Jayden decides that he wants to find his dad so he looks in a book that shows everyones street address. This is a big problem because he doesn't know anything about his dad. Not even his name. Jayden then decides to go and find Saskia to se f she can help him.
  • Saskia's help

    After deciding that he is going to find his dad, Jayden goes and looks up Saskia's name in a huge address book at the library. Later that day he goes and finds her house and meets her. Jayden explains his problem and asks for her help.
  • White shoes with yellow laces.

    Jayden's shoes are falling apart but doesn't want to buy new ones. This chapter is about when Jayden's mum gives him a present, new shiny white shoes with fluro yellow laces. Jayden pretends to be over the moon but really doesn't like them. Hamilton a boy at school spots these shoes later that day and starts to pick on Jayden until theymake a deal. Jayden and Hamilton would sway shoes and Jayden would have to give Hamilton $5!
  • Sleuthing with Saskia

    This event is all about Jayden and Saskia sluething. To start with Saskia rings up "Births, Deaths and Marriages" with a much older voice. This didn't go to plan because The lady on the other end said that they needed $125 and a letter from Jayden's mum saying that they can get his birth certificate. They then had to think of another plan...
  • 5 special days

    This is when Jayden reminisce about his five favourite days that he remembers. They were:
    - When Sakia and Jayden were chilling on her verandah
    - Jayden's 10th birthday breakfast - pancakes with strawberries, icing sugar and maple syrup.
    - When Jayden was 4 and his mum took him to the local library
    - His first day of school. He had new class, teacher and classmates. His first day of school is his favourite
    - The last Sunday in September 3 - spending the day at Mr Hardy's house with Deefer.
  • Plan B...

    After failing at their first idea to find his dad, Jayden and Saskia think of another plan that might work. They were going to find out who Jayden's um likes. The first person that popped into their heads was Jayden Finch, the famous footy player. They decided to go and visit him at the signing afternoon. When they arrived there, they eventually met him and asked if he was Jayden's dad. With much shock, Jayden Finch denied being his dad. Jayden didn't agree with this kept arguing with him.
  • That day...

    After having enough of arguing, Jayden Finch thought of a way to show Jayden that he wasn't his dad. He decided to take Jayden and Saskia home to meet Jayden's mum. His theory was that if Mr Finch was Jayden's dad, Mrs Hayden would have a few words to say to Jayden Finch. The three of them arrived at Jayden's house and knocked on the door. Jayden's mum was shocked to see Jayden Finch standing at the front door. For hours that arvo, The four of them sat inside and drank tea and talked.
  • World record in your own backyard

    One day, Jayden went in the backyard and read his Guinness World Records book. He was interupted by ony Thompson, one of the twins that lives next door. Curiously he asked what he was reading. After explaining what it was and showing Tony some records, Tony told Jayden that he wanted to be in the book one day but doesn't know what record he could achieve. Suddenly, Tony and his brother, Timmy thought of a record to break, swinging from the tallest tree...
  • Dinner with Charlie

    Jayden chose to make dinner, Stuffed chicken. This goes terribly wrong when he attempts to use the blender and food goes everywhere. He manages to fix it and eventually turns out really well. He even called the stuffed chicken Charlie and was talking to him. After dinner, Jayden's mum was very thankful and insisted in doing the dishes. Jayden then went up to his room and called Saskia and said that maybe his mum might tell him who his dad was, not knowing that his mum overheard him...
  • "We need to talk..."

    The next morning, Jayden walked downstairs to the kitchen to notice a note on the fridge that his mum wrote before she left earlier that morning. It read: "Dear Jayden, come home from school straight away this afternoon, we need to talk. Love, mum."
    We he came home that afternoon, his mum was already at home. She told him that she had contacted his dad day and that he would like to meet Jayden. Jayden was very shocked and that night arranged to meet his dad the next day at a local cafe.
  • The obscure facts of Jayden Hayden

    The next morning, after realising that he was going to meet his dad in a few hours, Jayden thought it might be a good idea to write a list of some of the things his dad might find interesting like his best friend, Saskia and some of his favourite words and another list of some questions he will ask his dad like if he's married, what his name is and where he lives.
  • The meeting

    That afternoon, Mrs Hayden dropped Jayden of at the local cafe so he could meet his dad. They eventually saw and greeted eachother, looking very excited. After ordering drinks and sitting down, Jayden hands his dad, Robert the piece of paper that he wrote all the questions down on. Robert then says that Jayden's mum pleaded him to meet Jayden who asked why he left him. Robert then said that he was never with Jayden to leave him. Suddenly Jayden fainted and was rushed to hospital...
  • Explaining...

    When Jayden woke up and found himself in hospital, he also found his mum sitting, very worried next to him. Straight away, Jayden's mum tried explaining what happened between Robert and her. She said that they had only been together for a few months and that the relationship didn't work out so they deliberatly seperated. Later when they got home from hospital, Robert rang and asked if Jayden was ok and seeing if they could meet again some time.
  • Boys, Books and Breakfast

    It was the day of the Father and Son day at Jayden's school. When Jayden and Mr Hardy got to school, they said hi to a few people and went to eat some of the sandwiches and then went to read a book together which they had to do. The book they read was Mr Hardy's favourite book which was given to him by his father.
  • The interview

    While Jayden and Mr Hardy were reading their book, a news reporter and camera crew came along. They were at the school to interview one of the father and son pairs