David Attenborough

  • Birth

    David Attenborough was bor on the 8th of May 1926. He is now 84. He was born in Richmond, London, England. He also has a brother, Richard, who is older than him and a younger brother called John.
  • Collection

    David Attenborough spent his childhood collecting fossils, stones and other natural specimens. He received encouragement in this at age seven, when Jacquetta Hawkes admired his museum. A few years later, one of his adoptive sisters gave him a piece of amber filled with prehistoric creatures.
  • Marrige

    In 1950 David Attenborough got married to Jane Elizabeth Ebsworth Oriel. Sadly in 1997 Jane Elizabeth Ebsworth Oriel passed away.
  • First documentary series

    First documentary series, Zoo Quest airs
  • Children

    The couple had two children, Robert and Susan. His son, Dr Robert Attenborough, is a senior lecturer in Bioanthropology for the School of Archaeology and Anthropology at the Australian National University in Canberra.
  • BBC

    Becomes Director General of BBC
  • Resigns

    Resigns from Director General of BBC to concentrate on natural history program making
  • Knighted

    1985: David Attenborough is Knighted
  • Award

    Awarded the Order of Merit by the Queen
  • Films

    1977: Wildlife on One airs
    1979: Life on Earth airs
    1993: Life in the Freezer airs
    2002: The Life of Mammals airs
    2002: Life on Air airs
    2005: Life in the Undergrowth is aired