Thomas edison

Thomas Edison's Life

  • Birth

    He was born in Milan, Ohoi, which was next to Odessa, Russia.
  • School

    His teacher thought his ideas were crazy and that he might have a learning difficulty; and because he was always asking questions that couldn't be answered, his teacher lost his temper. After that his mother taught him at home. He was always curious and his mother encouraged him to learn things for himself. He liked experimenting with chemicals, making steam-powered sawmills and models of steam trains that actually worked.
  • Twelve years old

    Twelve years old
    In the age of 12, Tom had already become an adult in some way. He had not only talked his parents into letting him go to work selling newspapers, snacks, and candy on the local railroad, but he had started an entirely separate business selling fruits and vegetables.
  • Hearing loss (1)

    Hearing loss (1)
    He made a lab in his house, but then his mother started complained about the odors and danger of all the "poisons" he was amassing, so he transferred most of them to a locked room in the basement and put the remainder in his locker room on the train...
  • Hearing Loss (2)

    Hearing Loss (2)
    One day, while going on a bumpy section of the track, the train lurched, causing a stick of phosphorous to roll onto the floor and ignite. Instantly the baggage car caught fire. The conductor was so angry, he hit the boy and struck him with a powerful blow on the side of his head.
  • Hearing Loss (3)

    Hearing Loss (3)
    Soon,Tom became totally deaf in his left ear, and approximately 80% deaf in his right ear. He always said that the worst thing about this condition was that he was unable to enjoy the beautiful sounds of singing birds. He loved animals and was really upset about the hearing loss.
  • Saving a life

    He saved the certain death of a train accident-the young son of J. U. Mackenzie, the station agent at Mount Clemens, Mich. In gratitude, the child's father taught him telegraphy.
  • Making the telephone

    Making the telephone
    At the age 29, he started work on the carbon transmitter, which instantly made Alexander Graham Bell's amazing new telephone audible enough for use. Interestingly, at one point during this intense period, Edison was as close to inventing the telephone as Bell was to inventing the phonograph.
  • Plans

    In 1879, Edison was extremely disappointed by the fact that Bell had beaten him in the race to make the first authentic transmission of the human voice, so he was now determined to win by inventing the first electric light bulb.
  • Perfection of the light bulb

    Perfection of the light bulb
    Success at last! Edison finally invented the first incandesent light bulb. In 1883 he made the first three wired system for electric lighting.
  • Death

    He was aged 84 when he died in New Jersey. He was a emient person who will be remembered for years to come.