Penal System in Australia from first fleet, till port arthur;

By staceyx
  • Norfolk Island(: Discovery date.

    10th of October 1774 was the date on which Captian Cook Discovered Norfolk Island.
  • Norfolk Island(: 1 settlement.

    Between 1788 - 1814 there was the first settlement on the Island.
  • First Fleet(:

    First Fleet(:
    First Fleet arrived in Botany Bay, 1788; The First fleet was the name given to a group of 11 ships that sailed from Great Britain on the 13th of May 1781. taking about, 7 or less years to arrive in Australia. With about 1,487 people aboard, they we're off to establish the first European colony, in the state of New South Wales.
    The Fleet was led by Captain Arthur Phillip.
  • Second fleet(:

    Second fleet(:
    Second fleet of ships from English to Sydney Cove, with settlers, convicts and supplies.
  • Third Fleet(:

    Third Fleet(:
    The First Ship of the Third fleet upon arrival was carrying Female Convicts on the ship called 'Mary Ann'. and there was many arguements on the ship being the last ship of the Second Fleet.
  • End of Third Fleet

    End of Third Fleet
    The Third Fleet Ended with a ship under the name of: Admiral Barrington.
  • Sarah Island(:

    Sarah Island(:
    Around 1822 Sarah Island became Tasmania's first penal station; Where convicts worked under hard labour and harsh conditions. IF the convicts tried toescape, they not only have to get across the harbour, but also, get his way through horrible bush land of the west-coast.
  • Norfolk Island(: 2 Settlement.

    Between the dates of 1823 - 1856 was the years of the Second Settlement on Norfolk Island.
  • First convict era on Maria Island

    First convict era on Maria Island
    Between 1825 - 1832 was the first convict era on Maria Island.
  • Cascades Female Factory(:

    Cascades Female Factory(:
    the Cascades Female Factory was built in 1828 and operated until 185.
    Was intened to remove women convicts of the negative influences, and temptations of hobart, and also to protect society from the corruption.
  • Port arthur(:

    Port arthur(:
    ignore the date;
    Port Arthur is a small town on the Tasman Peninsula, and is very muchly known as a former convict settlement, in 1830.
    The settlement of Port Arthur started as a timber station.
    It was a Model Prison, based on Pentonville prison in London. In 1996, it wasthe scence of the 'worse mass murder' in post-colonial Australian history.,_Tasmania
  • Closing years of Sarah Island(:

    Closing years of Sarah Island(:
    Only operated for 11 years, it was one of the harshest penal settlements in Australia. During 1824 a prisoner killed another convict in order to be executed rather than face further imprisonment on the Island.
    when closing all the convicts were relocated to Port Arthur.
  • Second convict era on Maria Island(:

    Second convict era on Maria Island(:
    Between 1842 - 1851 was the second era of Convicts on maria Island; by this time.
  • Ross Female Factory(:

    Ross Female Factory(:
    Transportation for MARCH 1848 to Janurary 1855.
    Served as an overnight depot for female convicts inbetween settlements.
  • Norfolk Island(: 3 settlement

    From June 8th 1856 till the years unknown was the Third and Final Settlement of Norfolk Island.
  • The Date Port Arthur Closed(:

    The Date Port Arthur Closed(:
    In the casual years of 2010(: Port Arthur is home to the hauntings and memories of what used to be at Port Arthur. and now is a popular tourist attraction.