• The Night Of The Living Dummy III

    This book is a great book so far. It is a good book for anyone who loves horror storys as well as adventer storys. It is a mix of both and I enjoy It. So far its about a girl spying on some dummys to see if they are alive.
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    reading log term 3

    a very big time line, so little time to read
  • The Barking Ghost

    I started to read this book today and are starting to find it very intresting. This book is cool so far. For a horror It starts out normal, like they move and all of a sudden it turns all freacky.
  • The Night of The living Dummy III

    It was an awesome book in the end. I was kind of expicting the dummy to be alive and every thing. It was a good book and I do recomend it.
  • The Barking Ghost

    I finished reading this book today. As a normal horror it ends up with the main charicter going away with only a few scrates. It was a good book and i give it a 9 out of 10.
  • New Moon

    I sarted to read this book today and i am finding it very intresting so far. Bella has her 18th birthday over at Edwards and something goes very wrong.........
  • Vampire breath.

    I started to read this book today. It has a good normal start and I'm enjoying it.
  • tumble turn

    wow!! This book is amazing!! It is an interesting book about two people emailing each other over the other side of the country. Domnic and his uncle tell all secrets. I read it over the holidays and I say this book is good for any one!!!
  • New Moon

    I'm in the middle of the book now. It is getting very intresting mow that Edward has left and Bella is staying With Jocob. I don't really like the part when Bella has a crash.
  • Maggot Pie

    I started this book today. It is good so far. It is about a boy who isn't so lucky, but his luck changes when he meets a gienne.......
  • New Moon

    I'm just about finished the New Moon book now. bella has had a flight but I don't know where she is going next..........
  • Maggot pie

    I'm half way through the book. The geine has starteed to do some very horrable stuff. What is going to happen next...............
  • Maggot Pie

    I'm just about finished this book. The main charicter is now bald. Ha ha ha!! but I think something worst is going to happen.
  • Buried alvie

    I've only just started this book today. It is cool so far and i'm enjoying it heaps. It is kind of funny because boys about ten years old are acting like they are four years old again. E.G. they play with teddys!!!!!
  • Buried Alive

    I'm quater way though this book. It is kind of good and they are still acting like four year old boys. Instead of playing criket they want to build sand castles!!! this book is very funny and i'm hoping to see some more funny stuff.
  • New moon.

    I finished this book today. It is cool because right at the very end edward asked Bella to marry Him Then it finished. it was an awesome way to end the book and i'm hopeing to read the third book. for any who likes Vampires and Wewolfs this is the book for you.
  • maggot Pie

    I'm just about finshed. It is very funny because the main character is bald and his best friend is now putting him down. He has this way of not telling any body that he is bald, making up lies. He said to his parents that he had to wear a hat to school for a fundraiser. very good. He even got some change to spend at the candy store.
  • Vampire Breath

    Today I started this book. I am up to a part where they are playing a game of ping pong and they find a secret passage.............
  • The Barking Dog

    Today I started this book. It is about a boy who moves away out to the middle of the woods and these dogs are scratching at the door all the time..................
  • Vampire Breath

    Today I finished this book. it was really interesting and the boy found out that he was a vampire and his best friend was a werwolf.......... read the book to find out more
  • The Barking Dog

    I Finished this book today it is very interesting at the end when the evil dog ghost catch the boy and his friend and turn them into ghosts dogs as well..................
  • New moon

    Today I finished this book. It was a really good book. i recomend this book to anyone that likes adventure and likes mythacial creatures.
  • New Moon

    Today I finished this book. It is a very good book and hopefully the movie is as good as the book. I recomend this book to anyone who likes adventure and mythacial creatures.
  • Pipi and The whales.

    Today I started and finished this book. It was a short story and It was really good, All the Pipi's and the Mussels are under the sea, but then the whales come and put the pipis under the sand and the mussels have to cling to the rocks. I recomed this book for young Kids. It is a good book that tells a good tale.
  • The Locket Of Dreams.

    Today I started this book. It has a really good introduction and it really hooked me in. it is getting really interesting because charlottes parents have just died and her Uncle is sending her to Aussie..............
  • The Locket Of Dreams

    Today I finished this book. It was very interesting and I would recomed it to anyone who likes aventure and the old days.
  • So Gross

    Today I started this book. It is very interesting so far and i am enjoying it. It is very gross so far and I guess that is why it is called so gross!!!
  • So Gross

    Today I finished this book. It is very Gross and very interesting. It has loads of short storys and it is really funny!!!! I would recomend this book to anyone who likes gross stuff!!!!!
  • The Dolphin

    Today I started this book. It is very Good, but sad with all dolphins dieing and the new borns not being able to swim. it is a very interesting book.
  • The Dolphin

    Today I finished this book. It was interesting and I found Out stuff that I did not Know About dolphins, like they sleep with one eye open. It is a good book and I recomend it to anyone who enjoys reading/ or has an animal.