Ongoing timeline- American History A

  • World War I begins

    The assasination of Franz Ferdinand, the Archduke of Russia, caused Austria to declare war on Serbia. Due to many alliances most of Europe was drawn into the war. Later the U.S. would become involved.
  • The treaty of Verzailles- End of WWI

    a few months after the surrender of Germany, the treaty of Versailles was signed by the European nations. The U.S. ultimately never signed the treaty. Germany was blamed for the cause of the war and ordered to pay massive amounts of money in reparations.
  • Stock market crashes

    On this day, the stock market lost huge amounts of money. This event sparked the great depression. Many people invested most of their money in the stock market and so when the values went down, many people lost a bunch of money.
  • Germany invades Poland

    Germany and the Nazi's under the command of Adolf Hitler, invaded poland and easily captured it. This is usually seen as the beginning of WWII.