apple technology

  • apple inc. was established

    apple inc. was established
    apple website !!!!!!!!!!!!! Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne wanted to sell an apple personal computer kit. hand made by wozniak. it was first shown in public at the homebrew computer club.
  • Period: to

    the history of the ipod

  • apple was incorparated

    apple  was incorparated
    apple was incorparated in 1977 without whyne he sold his share back to jobs and wozniak for $800. multi-millionaire Mike Markkula provided essential buisness
  • apple launched the macintosh

    apple launched the macintosh
    the macintosh advertin 1884, apple launched the macintosh it was spread world wide with a t.v commercial it was the water shed of the sucsess of apple inc. and a master peice.
  • the rise and fall

    the rise and fall
    the powerbook was introduced they sold under 100,000 world wide
  • the rise and fall

    the rise and fall
    apple saw apple 2 series as exspensive to produce while taking away sales from the low end Macintosh. Apple stopped selling the Apple IIe in 1993.
  • partners

    apple newton apple allied with IBC and motorola in the AIM alliance and created the newton
  • shops!!

    apple opened there first retail stores in Virginia and California in the same year apple introduced the ipod portible. and the genarations kept going.
  • our days

    our days
    these days there are alot of diffrnces to when it first started ther is the ipod touch the ipad and there is the macs aswell.