World's coolest newspaper timeline

  • Nov 13, 1400

    First newspaper

    First newspaper
    The first newspaper told stories about the real count dracula.Vlad Tepus Dakul)
  • Weekly Newes

    Weekly Newes
    The weekly Newes, is the worlds first successfully published title.
  • London Gazette

    London Gazette
    The London gazette was the first true printed newspaper.
  • First newspaper in america

    First newspaper in america
    the first newspaper in America was the Publick Occurences but was destroyed by authorities because the newspaper's publisher didn't have authority to publish it.
  • The first successful newspaper

    The first successful newspaper
    The Boston News Letter was started by postman John CampBell.
  • The Bill of Rights is Ratified

    The Bill of Rights is Ratified
    The Bill of Rights is ratified giving people power of the press.
  • end of 1783

    end of 1783
    There were already 43 newspapers printed.
  • End of 1814

    End of 1814
    In !814 there were only 346 newspapers.
  • The penny press

    The penny press
    The penny press was created, newspapers that only cost a penny.
  • The 1850's

    The 1850's
    there were 2,526 newspaper titles in america.
  • The industrial revolution

    The industrial revolution
    During the idustrial revolution presses could print 10,000 copies an hour.
  • The civil war

    The civil war
    Newspapers were highly requested for information on the war.
  • end of 1880

    end of 1880
    There was an incredible 11,314 titles in 1880.
  • The 1890's

    The 1890's
    In the 1890's ther were an estimated million copies for every title!
  • Yellow Journalism starts

    Yellow Journalism starts
    Hearst boasts that newspaper created chaos surrounding the war on spain.
  • the 1910's

    the 1910's
    The modern newspaper was created.