U.S. History Final Project

  • IBM makes the right move

    IBM makes the right move
    IBM hires Microsoft which will allow the company to grow rapidly.
  • Ronald Reagan inagurated

    Ronald Reagan inagurated
    During Ronald Reagan's presidency, taxes were lowered and social program spending was slashed.
  • International Bussiness Machines (IBM) responds to Apple

    International Bussiness Machines (IBM) responds to Apple
    IBM introduced their own compact computer, which they called the "Personal Computer".
  • Sandra Day O'Connor came into office

    Sandra Day O'Connor came into office
    First female Justice to serve on the Supreme Court, she was appointed by the amazing Ronald Reagan.
  • SDI

    Strategic Defense Initiative is proposed by Ronald Reagan
  • Apple fights back!

    Apple fights back!
    Apple came out with the brand new Macintosh, which included a simplified operating that used icons on the screen. Also the "mouse" was introduced.
  • Olympics in LA

    Olympics in LA
    The Olympics are held in Los Angeles, CA
  • Windows is born

    Windows is born
    Windows 1.0 was introduced. This allowed PC users to experience many of the luxuries Macintosh users had. This included mous-activated on-screen icons.
  • National Science Foundation funded research

    National Science Foundation funded research
    The NSF gave money to several supercomputer centers across the country. This gave scientists the tools to begin to build the internet.
  • Flight 847

    Flight 847
    TWA Flight 847 is hijacked by Hezbollah
  • Iran-Contra Affair

    Iran-Contra Affair
    Reagan's administration went behind his back and sold arms to Iranians in order to rescue hostages. Then, the money revieved was given to the insurgent Contras in Nicaragua.
  • Challenger Disaster

    Challenger Disaster
    This horrible event scarred many. A teacher was killed by a faulty o-ring.
  • Stock Market Crash

    Stock Market Crash
    508 point drop or 22.6%
  • George H. W. Bush becomes president

    George H. W. Bush becomes president
    Papa Bush is inagurated with little George W. Bush full of admiration.
  • Tiananmen Square

    Tiananmen Square
    Communist China had 100,000 troops kill and arrest student protesters who were fighting for democracy. Sadly, the protest did nothing.
  • Panama Canal

    Panama Canal
    General Manuel Noriega stopped cooperating with the United States, so American soldiers invaded the Panama Cannal
  • Berlin Wall Collapses

    Berlin Wall Collapses
    The Berlin Wall is taken down which reunited thousands of Germans with their loved ones.
  • Down with Communism!

    Down with Communism!
    The end of the Cold War, the USSR could not keep up with the U.S. This proved that capitalism works more efficiently than communism
  • Operation Just Cause

    Operation Just Cause
    U.S. invaded Panama, this was the first deployment of the Apache Helicopter. Reasons included: "Bush claimed that Noriega had declared that a state of war existed between the United States and Panama and that he also threatened the lives of the approximately 35,000 US citizens living there." Also to defend the human rights and democracy for Panamanians.
  • Americas with Disabilities Act

    Americas with Disabilities Act
    Bush signed this bill that forbaed discrimination in workplaces and public places against people who were physically or mentally challenged.
  • Persian Gulf War

    Persian Gulf War
    Iraqi soldiers surronded oil rich Kuwait and took over. U.S. went in and forced them to stop.
  • Saddam Hussein invades

    Saddam Hussein invades
    Hussein invades Kuwait, his mission was to capture Saudi Arabia and take over their oil reserves.
  • Desert Storm

    Desert Storm
    Iraq refused to comply with the UN deadline to get out of Kuwait. Invasion was inevitible.
  • Cease Fire!!

    Cease Fire!!
    President Bush declared cease fire in Iraq.
  • Clinton heads to the White House

    Clinton heads to the White House
    Clinton wins the election and is inagurated.
  • Americorp

    "AmeriCorps members address critical needs in communities all across America. As an AmeriCorps member, you can: Tutor and mentor disadvantaged youth
    Fight illiteracy
    Improve health services
    Build affordable housing
    Teach computer skills
    Clean parks and streams
    Manage or operate after-school programs
    Help communities respond to disasters
    Build organizational capacity"
  • World Trade Center Bombed

    World Trade Center Bombed
    Islamic Fundamentalists bomb World Trade Center
  • Beany Babies Invented!!!

    Beany Babies Invented!!!
    Ty Warner USA launches the first Beanie Babies
  • Contract with America

    Contract with America
    10 major changes: lower taxes, welfare reform, tougher anticrime laws, term limits for members of congress, and a balanced budget amendment, just to name a few.
  • Republican invasion

    Republican invasion
    Republicans win congress!
  • Dayton Accords

    Dayton Accords
    60,000 NATO troops (20,000 Americans) entered Bosnia to enforce the plan
  • Countdown to end of term

    Countdown to end of term
  • Telecommunications Act of 1996

    Telecommunications Act of 1996
    This allowed telephone comapnies to compete with each other and to send television signals. This also allowed cable companies to provide telephone services. This would lead to more advances.
  • Internet

    Began to grow, it grew 300% by the year 2000
  • FedEx is Born

    FedEx is Born
    FedEx is born in Deleware, Federal Express
  • Surplus!

    President Clinton announced the budget was balanced and there was a surplus.
  • Clinton Impeached

    Clinton Impeached
    Monica Lewinsky scandal comes to light and Clinton goes to Court
  • Cell Phones

    Cell Phones
    Over 86 million Americans now own cell phones!!!!
  • George W. Bush

    George W. Bush
    Bush number two came into office. His biggest challenge would come in only a matter of months.
  • Panama Update

    Panama Update
    Panama canal is turned over to Panamain control.
  • Terrorist Attack on America

    Terrorist Attack on America
    19 al-Qaeda members hijacked four commercial jets which were used as demolition mechanisms. Two planes flew into the twin towers killing thousands. Then, the third plane crashed into the pentagon. The last plane crashed into a field in Shanksville, PA. This event devestated every American. The only option was to start the war on terrorism.
  • Brand new Governor of Massachusetts

    Brand new Governor of Massachusetts
    Mitt Romney is the new Governor!
  • Invasion of Iraq

    Invasion of Iraq
    After many threats to invade, the U.S. decided it was time to get bring al-Qaeda to justice. The US and the UK, with a military ground force of about 300,000, encountered stiff Iraqi resistance.
  • Ronald Reagan's last day

    Ronald Reagan's last day
    Reagan passed away on this day. He suffered from alzheimer's disease for many years before he road off iinto the sunset for the very last time.
  • Condoleezza Rice becomes Secretary of State

    Condoleezza Rice becomes Secretary of State
    Senate confirms Dr. Rice as our Secretary of State
  • Deep Throat Revelaed

    Deep Throat Revelaed
    Mark Felt revealed himself to Vanity Fair
  • Tenth Planet Found!!

    Tenth Planet Found!!
    There is now ten planets in our solar system, this planet is currently known as planet x.
  • Hurricane Katrina

    Hurricane Katrina
    America is devestated by this enormous natural disaster.
  • Rosa Parks passes

    Rosa Parks passes
    The revolutionary Rosa Parks spent her last day on Earth.
  • Stardust returns

    Stardust returns
    After seven year cruising the solar system, NASA’s Stardust spacecraft returns to give the world a look at dust from outer space
  • A day without Hispanics

    A day without Hispanics
    In cities all over the U.S., Hispanics show what it would be like if immigrants didn’t work, shop or go to school during the Day without an Immigrant.
  • Calderon takes over Mexico

    Calderon takes over Mexico
    Felipe Calderon wins the Mexican presidential election
  • Pluto is demoted

    Pluto is demoted
    Pluto is now a dwarf planet, now we only have 8 planets
  • North Korea is dropping bombs

    North Korea is dropping bombs
    North Korea announces the test of their first nuclear bomb. UN very mad.
  • Virginia Tech Masacre

    Virginia Tech Masacre
    A student on Virginia Tech Campus goes on a killing spree leaving 32 students dead
  • Fire!!!

    One of the largest and deadliest fires in US history rages in Southern California fanned by the Santa Ana winds destroying 400,000 acres and 2,000 homes
  • Prop 8

    Prop 8
    Proposition 8 is passed, California denies gays marriage rights.
  • Barrack Hussien Obama

    Barrack Hussien Obama
    Hope was high, change was promised, and we would get both! We now hope no more damage will be done. And are praying his actions changed the minds of the millions of Americans who voted for him.
  • Stimulus Package passed

    Stimulus Package passed
    $3.3 trillon down the drain
  • Somali Pirates

    Somali Pirates
    Four Somali pirates seized the Maersk Alabama. Thankfully, United States Navy snipers killed the pirates without injuring any Americans.
  • H1N1

    Grab your hand sanitizer! The swine flu is everywhere!
  • Fort Hood

    Fort Hood
    An Army psychiatrist opens fire inside Fort Hood, Texas and killed 13 soldiers and injured 30 other people
  • Clinton ALMOST died

    Clinton ALMOST died
    Clinton suffered a major heart attack
  • Health care reform passed

    Health care reform passed
    Obama signed a health care that will allow America to take one step closer to SOCIALISM.