5th Hour - Events Shaping America 1783 - 1865

By dbrix
  • Period: to

    U.S. Happenings

    *Benjamin Franklin and the first U.S. diplomats win support for the revolution and negotiate a peace with Great Britain.
    *William Pitt II becomes English prime minister at age 24
  • End of revolutionary war and the sign of treaty of paris

    The end of the Revolutionary war And Britain and the Colonies Sign the treaty of Paris
  • Britain cedes all land west to the mississippi river

  • Period: to

    U.S. Happenings

    *Farmers from New Hampshire to South Carolina take up arms to protest high state taxes and stiff penalties for failure to pay.
  • Thomas was overruled when he had tried abolishing slavery.

  • Bifocal eyeglasses

    *By Ben Franklin
    *Without them people would practicly be blind
  • Period: to

    U.S. Happenings

    *French revolution began
    *George Washington is unanimously elected president of the United States in a vote by state electors
  • Northwest Ordinance

    it was an act of congress that made the northwest territory
  • Constitutional convention

    constitution was made
  • Geoorge Washington

    He was from Virginia and he was the first Preseent he made the jobs for other presedents to follow-even-Presedent Obama.
  • Bill of Rights adopted

    Bill of Rights adopted
  • Period: to

    U.S. Happenings

    *Bill of rights ratified
  • Period: to

    George Washington

  • first united states Cenus

    There are 700,000 slaves out of 3.9 people
  • Seat of government moves from NYC to Philadelphia

  • First textile mill, built in Pawtucket,Rhode Island

    was staffed
    entirely by children under the age of 12. - This affected the children by making the kids tired,by working them too much.
  • Judith Sargent Murray writes, Equality of the same genders

    written in The Massachusetts Magazine, meant to persuade people to believe women should be treated equal
  • Vermont Admitted

    Added Tobacco Economy
  • Period: to

    U.S. Happenings

    *French King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette executed
  • Sandwich

    *saved time from eating huge meal
  • Kentucky Admitted

    Plentiful Amounts of Food
  • Slave act for running away

    There was a slave Act or a slave fugitive because of runaway slaves The United states made an impede for the responsible runaway slaves
  • Cotton Gin

    *By Eli Whitney
    *Made cotton easyier to harvest and helped people by them not having to comb the seeds out by hand
  • Fugitive Slave act

    escaped slaves.
  • Period: to

    U.S. Happenings

    *Napoleon becomes consul
  • Cotton Gin made by Eli Whitney patents his device for pulling seeds from the cotton. This invention turns cotton into cash crop of the American South. Also creates a huge demand for slave labor.

  • Tennesee Admitted

    Diversified Economy
  • John Adams

    He passed the Alien and Seddition Acts, pwople were not happy about this but it made it to where people that were not born here couldn't vote unless they lived here for a long time first.
  • Period: to

    John Adams

  • Alien and sedition act

    were four bills that were passed by the Federalists
  • Period: to

    U.S. Happenings

    *Louisiana purchase Treaty
  • Lightbulb

    • Helped people so they can see in the dark
  • Eletric Battery

    *Made it more fficiant and didn't use as many resources that we were slim on
  • Seat of government moves from Philadelphia to Washington, DC

  • Women take over primary school teaching

    Women replace the male teachers
  • Thomas Jefferson

    He was from Virginia and he also wrote the Declarsrtion of Independence, he made the University (collage) of Virginia
  • Period: to

    Thomas Jefferson

  • Ohio Admitted

    Politically Important
  • Louisiana Purchase

    we bought land from the french for 15 million dollars
  • Period: to

    U.S. Happenings

    *Napolean becomes Emperor
  • Lewis and clark Expedition

    they explored the land in the Louisiana territory
  • Period: to

    U.S. Happenings

    *Barbary War(Pirates and Townspeople)
    *Nelson wins the Traflagar
  • Period: to

    U.S. Happenings

    *Lewis and Clark expedition encounter Native Americans
  • Period: to

    U.S. Happenings

    *Napolean occupies Spain
  • Employers start taking labor groups to court for "criminal conspiracies in constraint of trade".

    he shoemakers, found guilty and fined, went bankrupt and disbanded.
  • banning slave Importing

    The united states had banned slave inporting the african american slaves but there is sitll smuggling
  • -Congress forbid importing African Slaves

    -Congress forbid importing African Slaves
  • Period: to

    U.S. Happenings

    *Separatists movements in Latin America
  • James Madison

    He was from Virginia and he was a leader of the War of 1812
  • Period: to

    James Madison

  • Can and Can Opener

    *Store food and open cans
  • Period: to

    U.S. Happenings

    *Battle of Tippecanoe(INdians and Colonist)
  • Period: to

    U.S. Happenings

    Napoeon defeated in Russia
  • Louisianna

    New Orleans Port Was Opened to America
  • Period: to

    U.S. Happenings

    *Andrew Jackson crushes Creek Resitance in the south
  • Period: to

    U.S. Happenings

    *French monarchy re-established
  • Period: to

    U.S. Happenings

    *First Seminole War
  • Indiana

  • Mississippi

    Fishing Economy
  • James Monroe

    He was from Virginia and eh also made the Monroe Doctrine-it said that Endland has mind their own business and stay out of American's business
  • Period: to

    James Monroe

  • Period: to

    U.S. Happenings

    *Spain cedes Florida to United States
  • Illinois

  • Treaty with Britain sets 49th parallel

  • Alabama

    Many Waterways for Transportation
  • Treaty with Spain sets boundaries

  • Period: to

    U.S. Happenings

    *Mexican Independence
  • Missouri Compromise

    Missouri Compromise- Missouri is admitted to the union as a slave state and Maine as a free state. Slavery is forbidden in any territories north of latitude.
  • Maine

    Fishing Economy
  • Missouri compromise

    no slavery in louisiana territory
  • Missouri

  • Emma Ward opens a Seminary for girls in NY

    school for girls to become priests ministers or rabbis.
  • Missouri Compromise

    ongress that allowed for admission of Missouri as the 24th state (1821). It marked the beginning of the prolonged sectional conflict over the extension of slavery that led to the American Civil War.
  • Period: to

    U.S. Happenings

    *Brazil gains INdependence form Portugal
  • The slave revolt

    South Carolina Freed slave denmark vesey attemps a rebellion in charleston 35 participants in the ill fated the uprising are hanged
  • Florida Territory

    they invaded florida and took the land from spain
  • Stephen Austin founds colony in texas

  • Period: to

    U.S. Happenings

    *Greeks win war of Independence ottoman Empire
  • Period: to

    US Happenings

    Greeks win war of independence ottoman Empire
  • Monroe Doctrine-

    message to congress president James Monroe didn't want outside powers to interfere with all affairs in the western hemisphere.
  • John Quincy Adams

    He was from Massachusetts and he bult highways and adn canals to link sections of the country and set aside land for conservation
  • Period: to

    John Quincy Adams

  • First public high schools for girls open in NY and Boston

    girls are able to go to school, English high school of boston, Wadleigh High School for Girls
  • Chemical Battery

    *Helped store battery in chemical for and was sealed in closed energy system
  • Period: to

    US Happenings

    Indian Removal Act moves
    Eastern Indians west of Mississippi
  • Andrew Jackson

    He was from South Corolia and he made perfect jobs of the Presedent more more information and more powerful
  • Period: to

    Andrew Jackson

  • Lawn Mower

    *Kept grass looking nice and trimmed
  • Slave Revolt

    Slave Revolt- Virginia Slave Preacher Nat Turner leads a 2 day uprising against whites; 60 people get killed. Militia men stop revolt and search for Turner for 2 months. Turner is eventually caught and hanged. Enraged southerners impose harsher restrictions for their slaves.
  • About 1600 women band together to demand fair wages for their work.

    Women dammanded for a right for fair wages for the work they gave.
  • Telegraph

    *Samual F.B.Morse
    *People could communicate across the U.S. faster
  • Period: to

    US Happening

    Black Hawk War
  • Oberlin College becomes the first co-educational college in the world

    Both genders were able to go to this school
  • Period: to

    US Happenings

    Santa anna elected president of Mexico
  • indian Territory founded

    Land set aside for the indians from the british later the government set an act that won't let you buy land from indians
  • Period: to

    US Happenings

    Second Seminole, War in Florida, Texas War for Independence began
  • Period: to

    US Happenings

    Second Seminole, War in Florida, Texas War for Independence began
  • forbid the mailin og anti slavery propaganda

    Censorship the southern ships had expel abolitionists and forbid the mailing of anti slavery propaganda
  • Period: to

    US Happenings

    Battle of the Alamo
  • Arkansas

  • Texas Revolution

    When America won the Mexican-American War they got Texas
  • Kindergarten

    *Trained children for school and got them a little up to date with learning
  • Michigan

  • Martin Van Buren

    He was from New york and he was the first preseedent to be born as an American citizen
  • Period: to

    US Happenings

    Cherokee Trail of Tears
  • Period: to

    Martin Van Buren

  • Iowa Territory organized

    They were made when the government wanted them to join the Union
  • Period: to

    US Happenings

    Trail of Tears
  • Photography

    *Memory; helps us remember events that happened in U.S. history and inworld history
  • Oregon Trail a trail used by trappers and traders

  • Period: to

    US Happenings

    Mexican American War begins and ends in 1848
  • Wiliam Henry Harrison

    From Virginia He was president for ONE month!!! He caught a cold when he was giving his speech.
  • John Tyler

    From Virginia First president to be threatened to be sent away (impeached)
  • Period: to

    John Tyler

  • Period: to

    William Henry Harrison

  • States begin to limit childrens hours

    Massachusetts limits children’s work days to 10 hours; other states soon pass similar laws—but most of these laws are not consistently enforced
  • Florida

  • Texas

    Cattle Industry
  • James k. Polk

    From North Carolina In charge of the Mexican War--America won Texas, California, and other areas in the United States
  • Period: to

    James K. Polk

  • Sewing Machine

    *Saved time and helped prevent injures for needles from the old hand sewing
  • Mexican American War Defeated

    Mexico yields an enormous amount of terrotority to America. Americans bring up a question, Should slavery be allowed in the new lands.
  • Iowa

    Corn Industry
  • Oregon boundary with Canada established at 49th parallel

  • Period: to

    US Happenings

    Mormons and the Indians
  • Fredrick Douglass

    The Fredrick Doughlass Newspaper escaped slave Fredrick begins Publishing the north star Rochester New York
  • New Hampshire

    became the first state to pass a 10-hour workday law—but it wasn't enforceable.
  • Period: to

    US Happenings

    February Revolution by French workers makes
    Louis Napoleon III President of 2nd Republic
  • Wisconsin

    Dairy Industry
  • Mexican Cession

    Land that the Mexicans gave to the Americans in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
  • Gold discovered in cali.

    Gold discovered in cali.
  • first woman's rights convention held in seneca falls, NY

    this was made to discuss women's social and political equality
  • Married women’s Property act enacted in New York state

    this is explaining that women will own her husband's property with him. Rents, issues and profits do not just concern her husband and she can own property given to her by anyone
  • Period: to

    US Hapenings

    Crimean War between Turkey, France & Britain against Russia
  • Zachary Taylor

    From Virginia He did not want the South to leave the Union and so he would have fought to keep them.
  • Period: to

    Zachary Taylor

  • Dishwasher

    • Saved people time from washing dishes
  • California

    Fruit Production
  • Millard Fillmore

    From New York Approved the Compromise of 1850-allowing slavery in the South
  • Utah and New Mexico Territories

    we go New Mexico during the Mexican-American war
  • Period: to

    Millard Fillmore

  • Uncle Tom

    Uncle Tom's Cabin Published a Harriet Beecher stowe's novel about the horrors of slavery sells 300,000 copies in a year of publication
  • Gadsden Purchase

    A area that the Americans bought that includes Arizona and New Mexico
  • Franklin Pierce

    From New Hampshire Supported the Kansas-Nebraska Act-allowed people who lived in Nebraska or Kansas to decide if they would have slavery in their state
  • Period: to

    US Happenings

    Upper half of Indian territory becomes Kansas territory
  • Period: to

    Franklin Pierce

  • Revolver

    • Smith and Wesson
    • Helped with people with;and made them feel safer
  • Kansas Newbraska act setting aside Missouri

    Kansas Nebraska act setting aside Missouri Compromise of 1820 the congress allows these two new territories to choose whether they want to allow slavery. There were violent clashes that erupted
  • Nebraska and Kansas Territories

    Land created, which includes Nebraska and Kansas, where white men could go settle in
  • Republican party formed

    group of men who belonged to various splinter parties met and adopted the name Republican.
  • Dred Scott Desicion

    The united states supreme court decides that blacks will never be a citizen and congress has no athority to outlaw slavery in any terrotory.
  • James Buchanan

    he didn’t want the South to leave the Union (North), but they did anyways
  • Kansas ratifies anti-slavery constitution

    it was an act that made Kansas slave free
  • Period: to

    James Buchanan

  • Minnesota

    Mining and Limber
  • Oregon

    Many Trade Routes
  • The southern session

    The Southern Secession South Carolina secedes in december More states follow the next year
  • a mass meeting

    of the newly formed Mechanics Association demanded higher wages.
  • Period: to

    US Happening

    Unification of Italy
  • Civil War

    Four years of brutal conflict that claims 623,000 lives.
  • Kansas

  • Western territories reorganized by Republican Congresses

    They became territories
  • Abraham lincoln

    Against slavery- sent the North (Union) to fight in the Civil War
    Very popular president
    people loved him.
  • Period: to

    Abraham Lincoln

  • Period: to

    US Happening

    Battle of gettysburg, French troops occupy Mexico City Maximilian of Austria proclaimed Emperor of Mexico
  • The Emancipation Proclamation President Abraham Lincoln decrees that all slaves in rebel territory are free on January 1

    The Emancipation Proclamation President Abraham Lincoln decrees that all slaves in rebel territory are free on January 1 1863
  • West Virginia

    Coal Mining and Loggining
  • Lincoln issues Emancipation Proclamation, freeing slaves

    Lincoln issues Emancipation Proclamation, freeing slaves
  • Period: to

    US Happenings

    sand creek massacre
  • Nevada

  • Period: to

    US happenings

    lincoln assassinated by John wilkes booth
  • Slavery is abolished.

    The 13th Amendment to the United States of America Constitution outlaws slavery.
  • Andrew Johnson

    from north carolina Party-National Union---Republican
    From -north carolina
    He got to be president because Lincoln was murdered
    He was from the South but was for the North-he did not want slavery
  • -Lincoln Assassinated.

    -Lincoln Assassinated.
  • Period: to

    Andrew Johnson