Age of Reason/Enlightnment

By cridert
  • Jan 1, 1543


  • Period: Jan 1, 1543 to

    Scientific/Government Advancement

  • Kepler steps in

    Offers the first accurate description of the image of the eye including the retina's inverted image
  • Beginning of Galileo

    -Galileo begins his work with astronomical observations with his telescope
  • Galileo's Findings

  • Harvey's Discovery

    -William Harvey announced his discovery of the circulatory system
    -later in 1628 he published "De Motu Cordis" which is the movement of the heart
    -Gives the first accurate description of the blood circulation and predicts capillares (but with lack of evidence was not able to confirm findings)
  • Kepler's Law

  • Bacon

  • Galileo's Dialogue

  • In Trouble?

  • Descartes

  • Toricelli

  • Pascal

  • Hobbes

  • Pascal's Pensees

  • Start of Newton

  • Locke's Treatises

  • Newton

  • Spirit of Laws