Dragons egg

  • when i was reading about mella

    mella is the main character and she has the "touch" with dragons meaning that she is a dragon keeper which is a rare talent.
  • mella's dragons

    all of mella's dragons were acting up and mella didn't know why
  • when i was reading about lilla

    lilla is mella's older sister. lilla is 16 years old and mella is 12 years old. lilla is very hard to please
  • damien damerson

    damien is a knight, a dragon slayer, and according to mella's father damien is also a madman. damien kills dragons to protect the people.
  • roger

    roger is damien's assistant
  • the egg

    when i was reading chapter 4 on april 29, mella found a dragon's egg and she was trying to keep it a secret
  • gran

    gran knew everything about being a dragon keeper.
  • The Dragon

    the dragon was very big. it kept calling mella a theif for stealing her egg.