The life of Sacagawea

By zizi
  • William Clark is born

    He served along with Meriwether Lewis in Ohio. William Clark was a former Army Captain as well as a good friend of Lewis.
  • Meriwether Lewis is born

    Meriwether is a Virginia frontiersman and also a soldier. He will later become someone who I will explore the Louisiana Purchase.
  • My father

    My father
    A few years before my birth, I am not completely positive but my father became the new Shashoni leader or chief.
  • Today, I was born

    Today, I was born
    I was born on 1788 but there was no exact day, or month. I only know that I was born in the current state of Idaho. I was born into a Shashoni village.
  • New friends

    As I was begining to get older, I started making new friends. I have got two that I am very close to, their names are Otter women and Leaping-Fish women.
  • Learning

    With the start of a new year, I was given new responsibilities to start learning what to do. The men in my father's tribe hunted buffalo, and made weapons unlike the women. Us, as women, start learning to make fires, make food, make clothing, make headband/ head gear and set up tents when we move to follow the buffalo.
  • Meriwether Lewis & President Jefferson

    Meriwether Lewis & President Jefferson
    Meriwether became President Thomas Jefferson's private secretary-aid. I will later meet him along with his good friend William Clark.
  • I get married

    I get married
    Around December, I married my husband, Touissant Charbonneau who was also a French fur-trader. At this current time, I was only 16.
  • Lewis & Clark construct a boat

    Lewis & Clark construct a boat
    Around this date, approximately, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark construct a boat getting ready to sail the rivers within the Louisiana Purchase with me.
  • Meeting Lewis and Clark

    Meeting Lewis and Clark
    Around this time of year, Lewis & Clark came and looked for both English and Native "tongue" language to help translate. Out of all other tribes, they found me. I went with them to help out.
  • Gifts?

    Then, the next day, Lewis and Clark came back to our village barring gifts and other peace offerings to show that they were not kidding.
  • Starting our expedition

    Starting our expedition
    Just days later, we started our expedition. Looking left and right thorughout the Louisiana Purchase to see what we could find.
  • New animals to Lewis & Clark

    New animals to Lewis & Clark
    We traveled on the Yellowstone River and we came across some very interesting animals, only it was new to them but my villiage and I were familiar with them.
  • Sacagawea's Brother

    Lewis & Clark met another leader of the Shashoni band, who was my brother. My brother helped us aquire more horses, weapons, food and a general sense of our vacinity.
  • Another expected landmark

    This time they had reached the Missouri's Three Forks.
  • The Rocky Mountains

    The Rocky Mountains
    Lewis and Clark were very shocked to find out that the Rocky Mountains were not just a single wall. They had thought that the Columbia headquarters would be waiting for them over the Great Divide.
  • Jean-Baptiste Charbonneau's birth

    Jean-Baptiste Charbonneau's birth
    This is when I gave birth to my first child. The delivery was very tedious and very painful. He was given a nickname, Pomp. Pomp became very close to William Clark and he was along for the ride. Whenever their was a fight to break out between Indian's, he was a sign of peace so they knew they shouldn't be a fight to break out.
  • Ending of our expedition

    On July 2nd (approximately) we had ended our expedition searching almost everywhere.
  • The birth of Lisette

    The birth of Lisette
    I gave birth to my second child, a girl named Lisette.
  • My death

    My death
    No one is absolutely sure about my death but it is said that I died from a disease after giving birth to Lisette. Thankfully, after my death, William Clark adopted my two children whom he loved dearly. I was the Native who helped Lewis & Clark around the Louisiana Purchase therefore, the U.S.A created a sacagawea dollar.