Canton Police Chief Selection Process 2010

  • John Murphy is sworn in as chief

  • Murphy resigns after three months

    Canton Police Chief John Murphy has resigned his position after about three months on the job.
    Chief Administrative Officer Bob Skinner said at the March 3 Board of Selectmen meeting that Murphy approached him on March 1 expressing his intent to resign. He submitted his letter for resignation the next day.
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  • Don Hull named Acting Police Chief

    Deputy Police Chief Don Hull has been named Acting Police Chief for the Town of Canton while a search is conducted for a new permanent chief.
    The Board of Selectmen appointed Hull as acting chief at its May 17 meeting.
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  • Selectmen approve new police chief selection process

    Discussions regarding a selection for a new police chief continued. Skinner presented an outline of how the selection process would be carried out, saying it would consist of several panels and interviews.
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  • Consultant chosen to aid in applicant search

    The Board of Selectmen has chosen a consultant to help with recruitment of candidates for the police chief position.
    The board discussed the responses it had received to its request for proposals from consultants to aid in the chief selection process.
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  • Selectmen choose not to use a consultant to find candidates

    The Board of Selectmen decided at the meeting not to further pursue an agreement with consultant Randi Frank for the search for police chief candidates.
    At the board’s April 21 meeting, it had voted to use Frank’s services, pending an agreement with her.
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  • Selectmen choose CT Police Chiefs Assoc. to aid process

    The board voted to employ the services of the Connecticut Police Chiefs Association (CPCA) for the technical panel portion of the chief selection process.
    The technical panel will narrow a candidate shortlist further, providing the Board of Selectmen with who it considers the top few candidates.
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  • Special town meeting scheduled due to petition

    The town clerk received a petition on May 5 with 160 signatures requesting a special town meeting to discuss the police chief selection process.
    The board scheduled the town meeting to take place on Tuesday, June 1, which is within the 28-day limit. The meeting will be held in the Canton High School auditorium at 7 p.m. that day.
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  • Town advertises for police chief position

    The town has officially put up an advertisement seeking applicants for Chief of Police.
    The advertisement was posted on the town’s website on May 28, and applications are due by noon on June 25.
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  • Special town meeting to discuss selection process

    The June 1 special town meeting drew over 75 residents, many of whom spoke in favor of hiring Acting Chief Don Hull as permanent chief.
    For a transcription of questions and answers from both residents and town officials, view the transcript of the live chat held by The Canton News at the meeting by clicking here.
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  • BOS begins looking for members to sit on community panel

    The Board of Selectmen is looking for people to appoint to the community panel that will interview the first round of chief candidates. The panel is expected to be appointed at the BOS meeting on June 16.
  • Responses from job applicants are due

    Applicants for the position must have their applications in to the CAO by noon on June 25.
  • Community panel chosen; chief applicants shortlisted

    CANTON — The Board of Selectmen appointed eight community members to the community panel that will conduct the first round of interviews for the new police chief.
    The board also shortlisted the 22 chief applicants to eight.
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  • Interviews with BOS begin

    The Board of Selectmen begin interviewing the final six candidates.
  • Interviews with BOS continue

  • State police Lt. Col. Chris Arciero named chief

    CANTON — Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Arciero of the Connecticut State Police has been named the new Chief of Police in Canton.
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