The life of Antonio Vivaldi by Luca

By lucika
  • Born in Venice

  • Begins studying to be a priest

  • Ordained a priest

    Ordained a priest
    Nicknamed the 'Red Priest' for his red hair.
  • Period: to

    Worked at the Ospedale della Pieta

    The Ospedale della Pieta was among the best baroque music schools in Europe.

  • First works published: a set of 12 trio sonatas

  • Production of his first opera: Ottone in villa

  • Period: to

    Celebrated composer and travels all over Europe

    Rome, Mantua, Venice, Florence, Vienna, Amsterdam, France, Prague.
  • Period: to

    Friends with Anna Giraud

    Became lifelong friends with Anna Giraud.
  • Publishes The Four Seasons

    Publishes The Four  Seasons
  • Knighted by Emperor Charles VI

    Knighted by Emperor Charles VI
  • Died in Vienna

    Died in Vienna
    Received a pauper's funeral.