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My personal reading: Ryan

  • 20.000 leages under the sea

    20.000 leages under the sea
    Its a really good book, my favorate so far. Professor Aronax sets off on a journey when he runs into Captain Nemo who takes him captive and takes him for a tour around the world. Its an awesome novel by Jules Verne, one of the greatest writers of all time.
  • The Phoenix Files: Arrival

    The Phoenix Files: Arrival
    Lukes mum drags him to a new town for work then Luke descovers someone is ploting to kill the human race. he finds out there is no way out of Phoenix and this story is continued in book 2 Contact. By Chris Morphew
  • White Fang

    White Fang
    White fang is part dog, part wolf he is tamed by indians but is forced to fight when a man buys him, eventualy another man takes him and shows him the kindness of a loving owner.
    By Jack London
  • The call of the wild

    The call of the wild
    A dog called Buck, is taken from his owner and made to haul gold when he meets a kind owner butwhen this owner dies Buck Joins a wolf pack. This dramatic story was written by the well known author, Jack London.
  • The Sea wolf

    The Sea wolf
    Van Weiden learns the ways of a saylor when he is hauled upon 'The Ghost' a sealing ship, one night he escapes but runs into Wolf Larson again when he is shipwrecked so they take his ship and sail home.By Jack London
  • Chasing the falconers -on the run series

    Chasing the falconers -on the run series
    Aiden & Meg falconer brake out of jail and search for something to prove their parents inocence, they find a picture of a man who can so they try to find him.By Gordon Korman
  • Around the word in 80 days

    Around the word in 80 days
    Sir Phileas Fogg has sixty thousand pounds that says he can make it around the world in eighty days with no air transport, he travels by steam train, boat and even elephant. He even rescues a princess, he eventually makes it and wins sixty thousand pounds. Jules Verne
  • The fugitive factor -on the run #2

    The fugitive factor -on the run #2
    Continued from book 1 Aiden & Meg finds the man on the photo's old girlfriend who calls the cops and Meg is thrown in jail but Aiden brakes her out. By Gordon Korman
  • Now you see them now you don't -on the run #3

    Now you see them now you don't -on the run #3
    The chase continues in LA Aiden & Meg are staying with a street gang they find out where the man lives, but he had moved. Then they are lured into a trap by an assasin, but they just escape.By Gordon Korman
  • Scorpia

    An awesome book about Alex Rider, the teenage superspy gets lied to by the MI6 so he joins scorpia a gigantic terrorist group, but who is his real friend? This cool book is by Anthony Horowitz.
  • Inferno of fear

    Inferno of fear
    Greed and Fame is driving someone to light forest fires in Alaska's Denalli park, but Frank & Joe eventualy find out its a smoke jumper, or a parachuting firefighter, a hardy boys adventure once again by Franklin Dixon.
  • The island of adventure

    The island of adventure
    Jack & Lucy-ann sneak away with Phillip and stay with him for the holidays, they get caught up with criminals on an island and Jack gets stuck there but they rescue him and the criminals are arrested. By Enid Blyton