Guglielmo Marconi

  • Birth

    He was born in Bologna, Italy and spent his first few weeks in his father's town house
  • School

    by the age of 14 he was sent to school were he got very interested in chemistry, physics, and electricity.
  • Discovery

    In the middle of December on a cold night in his father's attic he has successfuly transmitted radio waves.
  • More Room

    He needed more room to see if he could send waves farther then a couple feet. outside he went and while doing his experiments he invented what is now called as Morse Code.
  • A Patent

    Around this time Marconi got a patent for his inventings so no one could take his ideas without his permission.
  • Help has come

    Marconi was asked to set up a radio system in Ireland in order to send messages to ships that needed information from the mainland.
  • It's a Big One

    in this year marconi set up two radio stations one both sides of the English Channel which is 32 miles wide. He was able to send messages that far, the farthest any one had sent wireless communicaton. The French then arranged for radio equipment for their troops.
  • It's THE Big One

    on this day at 12:30 PM marconi had successfuly sent a message across the Atlantic Ocean. No one ever thought this could be and Marconi had proved it could.
  • Everywhere

    by this time evry county was using the invention of Marconi for many benifits. He was a helped in many communication developments.
  • Death

    Marconi died in Rome. For rememberance to him all the radio systems went blank for two hourse to honor what he gave the world.