Sports of the 70 s

Sports in the 1970'S

  • Nijinsky II

    Nijinsky II
    Wins the Triple Crown of British Thoroughbred Racing
  • Richard Petty

    Richard Petty
    Wins the Daytona 500 and the Nascar Championship
  • Summit Series

    Summit Series
    The 1972 the Summit Series between the USA and Canada
  • Secretariat

    Secretariat wins the Triple Crown of United States Throughbred Racing.
  • The Rumble in The Jungle

    The Rumble in The Jungle
    The Rumble in the Jungle boxing match
  • First Cricket World Cup

    First Cricket World Cup
    The first Cricket World Cup.
  • Nadia Comaneci

    Nadia Comaneci
    Nadia Comaneci earns the first perfect score in the hstory of Olympics gymnastics.
  • Shirley Muldowney

    Shirley Muldowney
    Shirley Mulowney is the first woman to win the NHRA '' Top Fuel'' Championship.
  • First Ironman Triathlon

    First Ironman Triathlon
    The first ironman traithlon
  • Sugar Ray Leonard

    Sugar Ray Leonard
    Sugar Ray Leonard wins his first world boxing title.