The Iraq War

By amblock
  • Iraq

    Iraq becomes an independent state
  • Iran-Iraq War

    Beginning of the Iran-Iraq War
  • Kuwait

    Iraq invades Kuwait- UN Security Council calls for full withdrawal (Resolution 660)
  • Saddam Hussein

    Saddam Hussein becomes prime minister of Iraq
  • Operation Desert Fox

    "Extensive US & British bombardment of Iraq in ‘Operation Desert Fox’, after UNSCOM head reports Iraq’s failure to fully cooperate; after end of the operation, Iraq again refuses UNSCOM permission to reenter Iraq, and US & UK continue bombardment, aimed at Iraq’s air defense capacity. " source:
  • Resolution 1284

    "Resolution 1284 creates UN monitoring, verification and inspection commission (Unmovic) to replace Unscom. Iraq rejects resolution." source:
  • 9/11

    The 9/11 terrorist attacks
  • War on Terror-

    "Following Sept 11, 2001 terror attacks on World Trade Towers, US President Bush declares a War on Terror, targeting Iraq as a major player in an "Axis of Evil." Evidence for Iraqi involvement in the attacks is sketchy, but includes a probable contact between hijacker Mohamed Atta and an Iraq official in Czechoslovakia, as well as evidence of defectors that prospective hijackers were trained at Salman Pak base. Deputy secretary of defense, Paul Wolfowitz, says that it is "not just simply a mat.
  • Axis of Evil

    "US President George Bush lists Iraq, Iran, North Korea and Syria as part of an "axis of evil" in his state of the nation speech to Congress. "By seeking weapons of mass destruction, these regimes pose a grave and growing danger," he says and shifts the focus of US foreign policy from terror groups to governments." source:
  • Kofi Annan

    "UN secretary general Kofi Annan unable to persuade Iraqi representatives to allow inspectors' return" source:
  • Weapons Inspectors

    Iraq invites chief weapons inspector to Baghdad for talks on resuming inspections
  • Al Gore- speech

    "On September 23, Gore delivered a speech on the impending War with Iraq and the War on Terrorism that generated a fair amount of commentary." Some of his main ideas on the war include: he is opposed the invasion of Iraq due to repeated "false impressions" given by the Bush Administration,Iraq posed no real threat to the United States, so preemption was unjustified, the removal of Saddam Hussein was a positive accomplishment, war with Iraq diverted attention from the real objective: bin Laden.
  • Military force authorization

    U.S. Congress authorizes President Bush to use military force against Iraq
  • Senate Debate 2002

    In a major victory for the White House, the Senate voted 77-23 to authorize President Bush to attack Iraq if Saddam Hussein refuses to give up weapons of mass destruction as required by U.N. resolutions.
  • Inspections

    UN weapons inspectors restart in Iraq
  • Resolution 1441

    "UN Security Council Resolution 1441 calls on Iraq to cooperate with UN inspection teams and not to obstruct UN forces. Iraq must declare all weapons of mass destruction in its possession by December 8, 2002. UNMOVIC inspection teams began inspecting sites in Iraq." source:
  • Iraq- Resolution 1441

    "Iraq submits documentation as required by UN Security Council Resolution 1441 that details the disposal of weapons of mass destruction. the document claims that Iraq has disposed of all such weapons. Shortly thereafter, US experts examining the documentation claim it is not complete and convincing. " source:
  • Invasion

    UN weapons inspectors evacuate Iraq right before U.S.-led coalition invades Iraq
  • Disarm

    "Arab summit in Sharm el-Shaikh calls on Iraq to disarm, but does not call for regime change in Iraq; Iraq begins destroying Samoud II missiles which have a range greater than that allowed by the UN." source:
  • War Begins

    "War begins with US raid on meeting of Saddam with his advisors. Saddam is apparently unhurt. US forces invade southern Iraq, meeting relatively light resistance, but by March 22 are bogged down at Um Qasr and Basra in the south and Nasariyeh on the road to Baghdad." source:
  • Iraq War begins

    America invades Iraq
  • Victory- the Regime crumbles

    Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussein collapses and Hussein escapes
  • Coalition Provisional Authority

    Coalition Provisional Authority established to rule Iraq
    Economic sanctions against Iraq are lifted
  • Fighting finishes

    Bush declares the major combat operations finished.
  • Ted Kennedy Speech In Kennedy's speech, he stated that "the threat from Saddam Hussein was exaggerated by the administration for political purposes."
  • Capture

    Saddam Hussein captured near Tikrit
  • Interim Constitution

    Interim Constitution for Iraq is signed
  • Colin Powell- retraction of speech

    In 2004 and 2005 Colin Powell acknowledged that much of his 2003 UN presentation was inaccurate:
    “ I looked at the four [sources] that [the CIA] gave me for [the mobile bio-labs], and they stood behind them, ... Now it appears not to be the case that it was that solid. At the time I was preparing the presentation, it was presented to me as being solid.
  • Iraqi Government

    Control is given to the Iraqi government - elections are planned
  • Iraqi National Assembly

    Elections result in the Iraqi National Assembly- Shiite holds majority, most Sunnis boycott the election
  • Colin Powell- retraction

    Colin Powell said, "I feel terrible ... [giving the speech] ... It's a blot. I'm the one who presented it on behalf of the United States to the world, and [it] will always be a part of my record. It was painful. It's painful now." 2005
  • Elections

    Jalal Talabani- president
    Ibrahim al-Jaafari- prime minister
  • New Constitution

    National vote approves new constitution
  • Trial

    Saddam Hussein's trial for crimes against humanity begins in Baghdad
  • Zarqawi

    Al Qaeda leader Zarqawi is killed in Iraq by U.S. forces
  • Iraq Study Group

    Iraq Study Group by Baker and Hamilton
  • Execution

    Saddam Hussein is executed