timeline for revolutions

  • English Bill of Rights

  • Seven Years's War Peace Treaty between Great Britian and France

  • Stamp Act passed by British Parliament as a direct taxation of North American Colonies

  • Repeal of Stamp Act

  • Townsend Act, new revenue taxes on North American colonies

  • Riots in Boston met with violence by British troops

  • Boston Tea Party

  • First Continental Congress

  • Declaration of Independence

  • American and French representiatives sign two traties in Paris:

    a Treaty of Amity and Commerce and a treaty of alliance
  • Ratification of Constitution of the United States of America

  • estates general convened for the first time in 174 years in France

  • Storming of the Bastille, Prison (and armory) in Paris

  • National Constitution of the United States of America

  • Beheading of Kind Louis XVI

  • U.S Bill of Rights ratified by states

  • Slave rebellion in Saint Domingue

  • French National Assembly

    gives citizenship to all free poepl of color in the colony of Saint Domingue
  • France declares war on Austria

  • France declares war on Great Britian

  • All slaves on Saint Domingue emancipated

    by the French revlutionary authorites to join the Frech army against the British
  • Toussaint leads troops against the British

  • French colonial forces defeated by Toussiant

  • Toussiant negotiates peace with the British

  • War ends between Great Britian and France

  • Constitution for Haiti

  • General Leclerc sent by Napolean to subde colony and re-institute slavery

  • New decleration of war between Great Britian and France

  • Frecnh withdraw troops:

    Haitians declare independence
  • Napolean crowns himself emperor of France

  • Jean-Jacques Dessalines crowns himself emperor of Haiti

  • U.S president Jefferson declares economic boycott of Haiti, France, and Great Britian

  • French occupation of Spain

  • British end the slave trade

  • Declaration of self- government in most Latin American colonies

  • French expelled from Spain

  • Napolean defeated and French empire reduced in Europe to France alone

  • French abolish slave trade

  • U.SPresident Monroe declares doctrine against European interference with the new republics in the Americas, know as the Monroe Doctrine