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History of the NFL

  • Start of the NFL

    Start of the NFL
    The NFL created in 1920 was started with eleven teams and orginally called the American Professional Football Association
  • First Teams

    First Teams
    The first two teams who joined the league and are still in it joined in 1920 and were the bears and the Cardinals. These were all the original teams:
    •Canton Bulldogs
    •Cleveland Tigers
    •Dayton Triangles
    •Akron Professionals
    •Rochester (N.Y.) Jeffersons
    •Rock Island Independents
    •Muncie Flyers
    •Decatur Staleys
    •Chicago Cardinals
    •Hammond Pros
  • Period: to

    Loss of Teams

    during the first few years of the league many of the original teams folded between 1921 and 1922,
    Teams that folded:
    •New York Brickleys Giants
    •Washington Senators
    •Tonawanda Kardex
    •Cleveland Tigers
    •Muncie Flyers
    •Cincinnati Celts
    •Detroit Heralds
  • Change of name

    Change of name
    The American Proffesional Football Association changes their name from the American Proffesional Football Association to the National Football League (NFL)
  • The way to the super bowl

    The way to the super bowl
    The First official championship game was held in 1933.
  • First Draft

    First Draft
    The First NFL draft was held for college players and the number one overall pick never ended up playing a day in the NFL.
  • The first telivised game

    The first telivised game
    NBC broadcasted the first ever NFL game, between the Brooklyn Dodgers and Philadelphia Eagles.
  • Merger

    In 1966 the NFL merged the the American Football League greatly increasing popularity.
  • First Super Bowl

    First Super Bowl
    For the first time the Super Bowl is held and the tradition is still held. Every year the top two teams in the league face off in this legendary game.
  • Teams join

     Teams join
    The Patriots, Dolphins , Bills, Jets,Bengals, Titans, Broncos, Cheifs, Raiders, and the Chargers join the NFL in result of the merger with the AFL.
  • A big Surprise

    A big Surprise
    The NFL and the AFL merged bringing with it many new teams to the league. The league then divide into two confrecences the NFC and The AFC
  • Brett Farve Retires

    Brett Farve Retires
    Brett Farve one of the most famous NFL quarterbacks retires......
  • REALLY?!??

    After Brett Farves extremely long retirement (A whole 4 months) he comes out of retirement.
  • Um ok...

    Um ok...
    On this day Chad Johnson llegally changed his name to Chad Ochocinco meaning 8 and 5 in spanish. He wanted it to be 85 in spanish but mistaked it. He plans on changing his name to Chad Hachi Go meaning 8 and 5 in Japenese for the next season.
  • The NFL today

    The NFL today
    Today the NFL is extremely popular and averages 67,000 fans a game.