History of Animation

  • Disney was founded

    Disney was founded
    Disney was finally founded in 1870 by a guy named Dave Smith.
  • The first Disney princess

    The first Disney princess
    Cinderella was created in her own short films but Snow White was created later but was the first official princess in the "Disney Princess Club."
  • Colorful animations

    The first color animation film came out. It was called "A Visit to the Seaside." The "movie" was eight minutes long. It was created by Emil Cole.
  • Fantasmagorie film

    Fantasmagorie film
    Emile Cole created the film Fantasmagorie in 1908 and he was then believe to be the "first true animator."
  • Mcay's help to animation

    Mcay's help to animation
    Mcay helped animation and made it become more popular.
  • "Gertie the Dinosaur"

    "Gertie the Dinosaur"
    Mcay created "Gerdie the Dinosaur" but by then other studios for animation were already starting to pop up.
  • Col. Heeza Liar

    Col. Heeza Liar
    Bray created one of the most sucessful animations of his time. In fact it was the first one.
  • First historical movie

    First historical movie
    The first serious historical movie was "The Sinking of the Lusitania." It was created by Winsor McCay and was about the "RMS Lusitania" which torpedoed by Germany on May 7th. Almost two thousand passenger were lost. This movie was one of the first to use "cel animation."
  • "Felix the Cat"

    "Felix the Cat"
    Otto Messmer created "Felix the Cat" in 1919. Many people believed he showed a lot of character (like "Gerdie the Dinosaur.") He worked for Pat Sullivan in his studio. Pat Sullivan claimed he created Felix (he was belived) and he got millions of dollars for it.
  • Oswald the Luckey Rabbit

    Oswald the Luckey Rabbit
    Oswald the Lucky Rabbit was created by Disney. Oswald eventually lead Disney to create Mikey Mouse after he lost his rights to the show.
  • The famous Mikey Mouse

    The famous Mikey Mouse
    Mickey Mouse became famous and got his first television show "Steamboat Willie". Walt Disney created and directed him and his film.
  • Looney Tunes

    Looney Tunes
    Walt Disney created in 1930. Even though they crated it then it took 10 years to make Bugs Bunny as famous as he is/was today.
  • Disney gets Academy Award

    Disney gets Academy Award
    Disney got an academy award for Mickey Mouse. The award was for "Best Cartoon."
  • Disney created Alice in Wonderland

    Disney created Alice in Wonderland
    Alice in Wonderland was one of the first animated movies created by Disney.
  • Disney Still Going

    Disney Still Going
    Disney is still creating animated movies today. Some of the more recent ones would be "Up," "The Princess and the Frog," and "A Christmas Carol."